Plumbers and heating and ventilating engineers


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Jobholders in this unit group assemble, install, maintain and repair plumbing fixtures, heating and ventilating systems and pipes and pipeline systems in commercial, residential and industrial premises and public buildings.


There are no formal academic requirements although GCSEs/S grades are advantageous. NVQs/SVQs in Mechanical Engineering Services are available at Levels 2 and 3. Apprenticeships are available for plumbing and lead to an NVQ/SVQ at Level 3.

Typical tasks

  • examines drawings and specifications to determine layout of system;
  • measures and cuts required lengths of copper, lead, steel, iron, aluminium or plastic using hand or machine tools;
  • installs fittings such as storage tanks, cookers, baths, toilets, taps and valves, refrigerators, boilers, radiators and fires;
  • tests completed installation for leaks and makes any necessary adjustments;
  • attaches fittings and joins piping by welding, soldering, cementing, fusing, screwing or other methods;
  • repairs burst pipes and mechanical and combustion faults and replaces faulty taps, washers, valves, etc.

Common job titles

Technician, network (water company)
Technician, network (gas supplier)
Plumber and gasfitter
Fitter, sanitary
Fitter, fire, gas
Engineer, plumbing
Engineer, heat and domestic
Fitter, heating
Fitter, district (gas supplier)
Fitter, bathroom
Engineer, maintenance
Fitter, gas
Fitter, maintenance (gas supplier)
Fitter, heating and ventilation
Technician, gas
Plumber and decorator
Man, service
Fixer, appliances (gas supplier)
Engineer, domestic (plumbing)
Engineer, ventilation
Engineer, gas and heating
Jointer, pipe, sprinkler
Engineer, heating and ventilating
Fitter, maintenance (gas supplier: gas works)
Engineer, gas
Engineer, sanitary
Pewterer (brewery)
Engineer, gas and water
Fitter, stove (building construction)
Engineer, field (heating and ventilating)
Fixer, meter
Engineer, gas, technical
Fitter, steam and hot water
Fixer, ventilator
Installer, heating
Engineer, installation
Engineer, ventilating
Engineer, technical (gas supplier)
Engineer, technical, gas
Installer, bathroom
Technician, service (gas supplier)
Engineer, installation, gas
Technician, plumbing
Engineer, heating and plumbing
Fitter (gas supplier)
Fitter, maintenance (heating, ventilating)
Engineer, ventilation (coal mine)
Repairer, stove
Fitter, engineer's, heating
Erector, mains, gas
Fitter, water
Converter (gas supplier)
Engineer, heating, central
Connector, coupling
Engineer, water, hot
Craftsman, distribution (gas supplier)
Fitter, engineer's, sanitary
Engineer, safe, gas
Installer (heating contracting)
Contractor, plumbing
Fitter, steam
Fitter (gas supplier: gas works)
Man, maintenance (gas supplier)
Fitter (heating contracting)
Craftsman (gas supplier)
Engineer, plumbing and heating
Engineer, mains (gas supplier)
Engineer, service, gas
Engineer, Gas, British
Craftsman, governor (gas supplier)
Engineer, gas, emergency
Worker, gas, maintenance
Inserter, ferrule (water works)
Engineer, heating and lighting
Adviser, heating
Linesman, gas
Fitter, burner (gas works)
Engineer, plumber and gas
Engineer, thermal and acoustic
Fitter, kitchen and bathroom
Installer, meter
Engineer, biomass
Engineer, service
Man, service, sales
Engineer, thermal
Fitter, sprinkler
Consultant, heating
Craftsman, transmission (gas supplier)
Engineer, service (heating engineering)
Fitter, governor (gas supplier)
Engineer, heating
Engineer, heating, gas
Fitter, ventilation