Pre-press technicians


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Pre-press technicians prepare, format and compose text and graphics in a form suitable for use in a variety of print processes.


There are no formal academic requirements although some employers may require GCSEs/S grades. Training is typically received on-the-job. Apprenticeships are available as well as BTEC certificates and diplomas and other vocational courses at NVQ/SVQ Levels 2 and 3.

Typical tasks

  • determines from specification the kind and size of type to be used;
  • uses computer applications to generate images and text;
  • scans and retouches digital images to create sample proofs, plans and lays out artwork to match planned design;
  • examines proof copies, checks for quality and accuracy and makes any necessary alterations;
  • processes filmsetting or desktop publishing output to produce image on film and transfers to printing plates and digital output;
  • arranges and pastes printing material onto paper ready for photographing.

Common job titles

Stripper (process engraving)
Lithographer, photo
Etcher, roller
Engraver, photogravure
Engraver, block, process
Planner, gravure
Engraver (textile printing)
Displayman (printing)
Planner, page (publishing)
Hand, stone
Engraver, photographic
Etcher, tone, half
Raiser (printing)
Operator, pre-press (printing)
Engraver, roller
Printer, metal (process engraving)
Etcher, rough
Assistant, stereotyper's
Engraver, plate, copper
Engraver, transfer
Moulder, wax
Caster, monotype
Engraver, photo
Hand, make-up
Printer, carbon
Layer, plate (printing)
Worker, photogravure
Engraver, copper
Engraver, mark, stamp
Draughtsman, lithographic
Assembler, mould
Reproducer, plan
Repairer, plate (printing)
Engraver, chemical
Maker-up (printing)
Preparer, paper
Etcher, colour
Designer, typographical
Operator, linotype
Operator, typographical
Engraver, machine
Machinist, casting, monotype
Engraver, music
Preparer, lithographic (printing)
Engraver (printing)
Engraver, line
Etcher (printing)
Engraver, map
Hand, box (printing)
Operator, composer, IBM
Operator, caster, monotype
Originator, print
Maker, plate, lithographic
Engraver, punch
Artist, paste-up
Etcher, photogravure
Engraver, process
Maker, print
Operator, ludlow
Engraver, potter's
Attendant, caster, monotype
Operator, monotype
Hand, yardage
Hand, poster
Transferer, lithograph (printing)
Caster (printing)
Engraver, heraldic
Turner (process engraving)
Etcher, block, process
Manager, pre-press
Etcher, line
Printer, originator
Assistant, lithographic
Hand, plate (printing)
Planner (printing)
Etcher, copper (printing)
Engraver, bank-note
Draughtsman, printer's
Man, lay-out (printing)
Hand, imposition
Operator, intertype
Engraver, pantograph (roller engraving)
Etcher, deep
Engraver, die
Layer, printer's (textile printing)
Measurer (paper pattern mfr)
Machinist, linotype
Engraver, seal
Operator, keyboard
Originator (printing)
Typist, vari
Engraver, relief
Planner, litho
Operator, make-up, display
Metaller, bronzing
Etcher, fine
Assembler (photo-lithographic plates mfr)
Moulder (printing)
Clicker (printing)
Preparer (lithography)
Machinist, plate-backing (photographic plate mfr)
Engraver, hand (textile mfr)
Maker, plate
Setter, type
Engraver (Ordnance Survey)
Supervisor, typesetting
Puller, proof
Planner, lithographic
Technician, pre-press
Maker, block (printing)