Precision instrument makers and repairers


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Precision instrument makers and repairers make, calibrate, test and repair precision and optical instruments such as barometers, compasses, cameras, calibrators, watches, clocks and chronometers.


Some GCSEs/S grades qualifications may be required. Training is usually via an apprenticeship including work experience and practical and technical training leading to recognised awards.

Typical tasks

  • examines drawings or specifications to determine appropriate methods, materials and sequence of operation;
  • marks out and machines aluminium, brass, steel and plastics using machine tools such as grinders, lathes and shapers;
  • tests watches and clocks for repair to diagnose faults and removes, repairs or replaces damaged and worn parts;
  • tests completed timepiece for accuracy using electronic or other test equipment;
  • carries out service tasks such as cleaning, oiling and regulating;
  • checks prepared parts for accuracy using measuring equipment, assembles parts and adjusts as necessary using hand and machine tools;
  • positions, aligns and secures optical lenses in mounts;
  • tests, adjusts and repairs precision and optical instruments.

Common job titles

Engineer, instrument
Fitter, gauge
Manufacturer (watch, clock mfr)
Framer, binocular
Mechanic, service
Cleaner, clock
Maker, clock
Maker, instrument
Maker, watch
Repairer, instrument
Fitter (metal instrument mfr)
Engineer, maintenance
Technician, optical
Technician, calibration
Maker, compass
Engineer, meter
Repairer, chronometer
Divider, hand
Maker, micrometer
Maker, screw, balance
Mechanic, instrument
Repairer, camera
Fitter, telegraph, ship's
Fitter, taximeter
Cleaner, meter
Maker, hydrometer
Craftsman (instrument mfr)
Maker, glass, opera
Fitter, instrument
Engineer, photographic
Maker, speedometer
Technician, measurement and control
Repairer, meter
Tester-rectifier, instrument, precision
Adjuster, compass
Fitter, clock
Fitter, speedometer
Maker, galvanometer
Mechanic, recorder, time
Maker, frame (watch mfr)
Technician, instrument
Watchmaker and jeweller
Maker, dial
Setter (watch, clock mfr)
Maker, chronometer
Mounter, barometer
Jeweller and watchmaker
Engineer, precision
Engineer, tachograph
Fitter, camera
Worker, bench (instrument mfr)
Mechanic, instrument, optical
Graduator, thermometer
Maker, level, spirit
Divider, instrument, mathematical
Maker, barometer
Mounter (instrument mfr)
Craftsman, instrument
Maker, pedometer
Maker, rule (instrument mfr)
Cleaner, watch
Polisher, optical
Maker, telescope
Mechanic, meter (electricity supplier)
Divider, thermometer
Maker, watch and clock
Engineer, horological
Maker, glass, field
Man, maintenance
Fitter, optical
Tester (metal trades: balance mfr)
Mechanic, camera
Maker, apparatus, photographic
Hand, meter
Repairer, clockwork
Maker, cog (clock mfr)
Maker, gong
Fitter, scale
Maker, gauge, steam
Repairer, watch
Mounter, thermometer
Maker, camera
Technician, camera
Jeweller and watch repairer
Mounter, wheel
Repairer, scale
Maker, rule, mathematical
Maker, gauge, pressure
Fitter, meter
Maker, taximeter
Mechanic, clock
Fitter, service
Maker, meter
Maker, movement
Repairer, clock
Tester, weight (balance mfr)
Fitter, precision (instrument mfr)
Manufacturer, instrument
Finisher, camera
Mechanic, compass
Repairer and jeweller, watch
Maker, balance (scales mfr)
Repairer, watch and clock
Hand, bench (metal instrument mfr)
Maker, microscope
Engineer, calibration
Maker, wheel (clock mfr)