Print finishing and binding workers


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Print finishing and binding workers bind books and other publications and finish printed items by hand or machine.


There are no formal academic requirements although some employers may require GCSEs/S grades. Training is typically received on-the-job. National Traineeships and apprenticeships in Machine Printing are available at NVQ/SVQ Levels 2 and 3.

Typical tasks

  • folds, collates and sews printed sheets by hand or machine;
  • compresses sewn book in nipping machine to expel air and reduce swelling caused by sewing;
  • trims head, tail and fore-edge of book and gilds and marbles page edges as necessary;
  • cuts board and cloth for book cover and spine;
  • embosses lettering or decoration on cover by hand or machine;
  • repairs worn book bindings;
  • sets up and supervises automatic binding and finishing machine.

Common job titles

Finisher, photographic
Embosser (printing)
Assistant, bindery
Retoucher (film processing)
Machinist, collotype
Assistant, bookbinder's
Mounter, photographer's
Developer (photographic film processing)
Prover, colour (printing)
Gilder (printing)
Coverer (bookbinding)
Trimmer (bookbinding)
Blocker (bookbinding)
Assistant, control, sensitometric
Machinist, developing, film
Tinter (film processing)
Gilder (wallpaper mfr)
Worker, process (film processing)
Reeler (photographic film mfr)
Colourer (wallpaper printing)
Numberer (bookbinding)
Gilder (bookbinding)
Cutter, cloth (bookbinding)
Machinist, duplicating, offset
Dryer (photographic film mfr)
Foreman (calico printers)
Roller (bookbinding)
Binder, stationer's
Binder (bookbinding)
Cutter, leather (bookbinding)
Finisher, book (printing)
Worker, copper, electro (textile printing)
Passer, proof (lithography)
Marbler (bookbinding)
Gatherer (bookbinding)
Technician, darkroom
Assistant, room, dark
Cutter (bookbinding)
Sewer, vellum
Folder (bookbinding)
Finisher (bookbinding)
Binder, publisher's
Binder, printer's
Embosser, leather (bookbinding)
Presser (bookbinding)
Colourist, photographic
Assistant, process (printing)
Assembler, negative
Binder (printing)
Forwarder (bookbinding)
Edger, gilt
Pager (bookbinding)
Assembler, film
Retoucher, colour
Binder, leather
Restorer, book
Binder, book
Calculator, sensitometric
Worker, bindery
Perforator, pattern (paper dress pattern mfr)
Grinder (printing)
Finisher, gold
Binder, vellum
Finisher, printer's
Marbler, paper
Synchroniser (film, television production)
Colourer, print
Hand, general (bookbinding)
Maker, book, pocket
Loader, film
Colourer, hand
Sewer (bookbinding)
Retoucher, photolitho
Prover (Ordnance Survey)
Finisher (printing)
Spooler (photographic film mfr)
Collator (printing)
Perforator, stamp
Perforator (bookbinding)
Retoucher (printing)
Dryer (photographic film processing)
Duster (printing)
Stitcher (printing)
Splicer, film
Folder, book
Machinist, sewing (bookbinding)
Maker, case, leather (bookbinding)
Patcher (lithography)
Prover (lithography)
Assistant, presentation (printing)
Folder (printing)
Polisher, spray
Developer, film
Finisher, photo
Machinist (bookbinding)
Processor, photographic
Machinist, combining (textile printing)
Assistant, binder's
Machinist, binding, perfect
Machinist, embossing
Washer (photographic film processing)
Machinist, printing, film
Mounter, process
Finisher (process engraving)
Foreman (textile mfr: printing dept)
Spotter (film processing)
Supervisor, finishing (printing)
Perforator, card (stationery mfr)
Processor, film
Copyist, braille
Colourist, postcard
Manager, finishing (printing)
Grader (photographic film processing)
Joiner, film
Loader, cassette, cartridge (photographic film mfr)
Indexer (bookbinding)
Maker, book, pattern
Man, table (bookbinding)
Plater (bookbinding)
Mounter (printing)
Handler (photographic film mfr)
Assistant, warehouse, printing
Retoucher, photographic
Finisher, print
Repairer, book
Spotter (printing)
Hand, dis
Worker, film, colour
Stitcher (bookbinding)
Folder (rag book mfr)
Prover, process (printing)
Machinist (photographic film processing)