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Printers set up and operate various small offset printing presses and digital printing processes.


There are no formal academic requirements although some employers may require GCSEs/S grades. Training is typically received on-the-job. National Traineeships and apprenticeships in Machine Printing are available at NVQ/SVQ Levels 2 and 3.

Typical tasks

  • positions form or plate on machine, checks alignments and sets press;
  • mixes and loads inks and solvents, loads paper and regulates during print run;
  • prints and examines proof copies and adjusts press as necessary;
  • starts or directs start of printing run and monitors machine to ensure that printing proceeds smoothly;
  • pours colour into machine or directly on to screen and positions screen over item;
  • operates squeegee by hand or machine to press colour through screen;
  • dips wooden pattern block into colour tray and lays different colours on top of, and adjacent to, others to form the required pattern;
  • produces, transfers and outputs digital print images;
  • maintains, adjusts, repairs and cleans machine;
  • keeps production records.

Common job titles

Operator, Multilith
Printer, litho, offset
Minder, machine, litho
Printer, hat
Bronzer, printer's
Minder, machine, printing
Foreman (publishing)
Printer, fabric
Maker, screen (textile printing)
Printer, block
Maker, mark
Operator, lithographic
Printer, litho
Printer, gold
Printer, map
Coordinator, print
Printer, flexographic
Operator, offset
Foreman, room, machine (printing)
Printer, dial
Printer, nos
Printer, title (film processing)
Minder, platen (printing)
Printer, transfer
Bronzer (printing)
Printer and stationer
Manager, room, print
Printer, silver
Manager, print, screen
Printer, Multilith
Printer, letter, bronze
Decorator (wallpaper mfr)
Printer, screen
Blocker, foil
Minder, machine (printing)
Machinist, bronzing
Printer, process
Manager, printing
Guider (textile printing)
Technician, print
Printer, textile
Pantographer (roller engraving)
Printer, glass
Printer, bromide
Printer, nos (screen printing)
Machinist, screen, silk
Printer, digital
Printer, calico
Printer, press
Printer, offset
Printer, ticket, leaf, metal
Foreman, shop, print
Stationer and printer
Printer, screen, silk
Maker, stamp
Printer, hand
Printer, sack
Printer, lithographic, offset
Printer, general
Printer, label
Specialist, document, digital
Printer, colour
Operator, litho, offset
Manager, machine, printing
Printer, letterpress
Printer, gravure
Printer, ticket
Maker, ticket
Printer, master
Screener, silk
Printer, photographic
Manager, print
Printer, lithographic
Operator, screen, silk
Printer, cloth
Printer, mat
Worker, colour (printing)
Foreman, printing
Stationer (paper goods mfr)
Printer, embroidery
Maker, screen, silk
Printer, contact
Supervisor, print
Operator, process (printing)
Foreman (printing)
Printer, wallpaper
Blocker, gold
Printer, film
Printer, plate (ceramics mfr)