Printing machine assistants


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Printing machine assistants set and operate letterpress, platen or cylinder, lithographic and photogravure printing machines, photocopiers, office printers, duplication machines and other reprographic equipment.


No academic qualifications are required. Off- and on-the-job training is provided. NVQs/SVQs in Screen Printing are available at Levels 1 and 2, and in Machine Printing at Levels 2 and 3.

Typical tasks

  • positions printing plates, loads inks into reservoirs and loads paper rolls or sheets into printing press;
  • sets controls to control the speed, pressure and ink flow of printing machine;
  • loads photocopiers, office printers, duplication machines and other reprographic equipment with stationery;
  • starts reprographic or printing machine and monitors operation for paper misfeeds and error messages, removes blockages and replaces damaged paper, and monitors quality of output;
  • carries out routine maintenance and cleaning of printing machine;
  • sets and operates machines for cutting paper to specified dimensions or for folding or binding to produce finished paper items;
  • sets and operates presses for stamping patterns and labels on textiles, clothing, pottery, footwear and other leather goods.

Common job titles

Hand, floor (printing)
Machinist, cylinder (printing)
Boy, machine (printing)
Stamper, size
Stamper (footwear mfr)
Machinist, press, letter
Mate, printer's
Puncher, card
Worker, print
Worker, process (printing)
Printer, phototype
Driver, printer's
Manager, machine, letterpress
Embosser (hat mfr)
Assistant, minder's, machine (printing)
Stamper, soap
Cutter, punch
Machinist, press (printing)
Ruler, printer's
Cleaner, glass
Machinist, tinplate
Assistant, rotary (printing)
Manager, machine, photogravure
Ruler (printing)
Stamper, bulb, electric
Jobber, printer's
Stamper (tannery)
Stamper, collar
Machinist, duplicating
Man, table (printing)
Operator, lab, photo
Cutter, roller
Printer, photostat
Reeler (printing)
Beveller (printing)
Printer, office, drawing
Machinist, lithographic
Worker, process (textile mfr: textile printing)
Stamper, gold (footwear mfr)
Clammer (roller engraving)
Manager, machine, lithographic
Assistant, printer's
Help, printer's
Sinker, die (printing)
Operator, printer's
Teerer (textile printing)
Maker, ticket, reel
Feeder, letterpress
Lithographer (printing)
Feeder, printer's
Tenter, back (wallpaper printing)
Operator, folding (printing)
Assistant, print
Stamper (textile mfr)
Stamper, die (printing)
Stamper, sock
Manager, machine (printing)
Stamper (paper goods mfr)
Stamper, brush
Machinist, collating
Printer, blue
Cleaner, plate (printing)
Operator, print
Printer, rota
Tenter, back (textile mfr: textile printing)
Presser (printing)
Stamper, gold (hat mfr)
Operator, dyeline
Presser, rotary (printing)
Machinist, printing
Stamper, relief
Assistant, printing
Hand, fly
Leveller (lithography)
Machinist (printing)
Supervisor, room, print
Machinist, platen
Operative, finishing (printing)
Assistant, press (printing)
Cutter, die
Stamper, gold (ceramics mfr)
Printer, dyeline
Stamper, box
Machinist, photogravure
Stamper, cloth
Stamper (ceramics mfr)
Taker-off, machine (printing)
Technician, bindery (printing)
Operator, print, photo
Operator, rotary (printing)
Taker-off (ceramic transfer mfr)
Machinist, rotary
Machinist, gravure (printing)
Operator, gravure
Stamper, printer's
Clamper (roller engraving)
Proofer (lithography)
Puncher, label
Maker, map
Machinist, dyeline
Setter, machine (printing)
Printer, light, arc
Technician, laboratory, photo
Cutter, seal
Worker, table (printing)
Manager, machine, collotype
Layer-on, machine
Feeder (printing)
Hand, tension
Assistant, room, machine (newspaper printing)
Assistant, lab, photo
Stamper, pattern (ceramics mfr)
Puncher (paper goods mfr)
Decorator, plate, tin
Hand, brake (printing)
Numberer (printing)
Numberer, parts
Hand, controller (printing)
Helper, printer's
Assistant, letterpress
Brakesman (printing)
Operative, printer's
Machinist, decollating
Plater, tin (tinplate printing)
Loader (lithography)
Machinist (wallpaper mfr: wallpaper printing)
Puncher, pattern (paper pattern mfr)
Stamper, pattern (paper pattern mfr)
Attendant, room, print
Hand, news
Transferer (tinplate mfr)
Cutter, letter (die sinking)
Hand, reel
Assistant, general (printing)
Feeder, platen
Embosser (paper goods mfr)
Machinist, printer's
Printer, plan
Puncher, paper
Assistant, room, print
Crater (manufacturing: printing)
Operator, line, dye
Racker (lithography)
Taker, impression (printing)
Machinist, folding (printing)
Ruler (textile printing)