Process operatives n.e.c.


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Job holders in this unit group perform a variety of processing occupations not elsewhere classified in MINOR GROUP 811: Process Operatives.


There are no formal academic entry requirements, though some employers may expect entrants to possess GCSEs/S grades. Training is typically provided on-the-job, supplemented by specialist training courses. NVQs/SVQs in Process Operations are available at Levels 1, 2 and 3.

Typical tasks

  • packs products ready for kiln setting;
  • operates kilns, furnaces and ovens to produce cement clinker, linoleum cement and asphalt, to fire abrasive and carbon products and otherwise cook and heat treat materials and products not elsewhere classified;
  • operates machines to mix, blend, crush, wash and separate seeds and other materials not elsewhere classified;
  • operates machines to produce flat and corrugated asbestos cement pipes and sheets;
  • performs other processing tasks not elsewhere classified.

Common job titles

Sprayer, asbestos
Filler (cast concrete products mfr)
Worker, process (cable mfr)
Moulder, compo
Miller (cement mfr)
Spinner, pipe (cast concrete products mfr)
Taker-off (plasterboard mfr)
Burner, lime
Hanger, linoleum (linoleum mfr)
Stoker, kiln, lime
Clampman (fire brick mfr)
Foreman (cast concrete products mfr)
Spinner, pot (silicon carbide mfr)
Matcher, colour (linoleum mfr)
Driver, mixer, concrete
Maker, clay
Hand, mill, wash
Charger, blunger
Foreman, plant, mixing (asphalt mfr)
Maker, kerbstone (cast concrete products mfr)
Miller, coal (cement mfr)
Cutter, guillotine (asbestos-cement goods mfr)
Maker, stone, kerb (cast concrete products mfr)
Machinist, embossing (floor and leather cloth mfr)
Backer (linoleum mfr)
Spreader (linoleum mfr)
Foreman (plasterboard mfr)
Festooner (oilskin mfr)
Man, kiln (abrasive wheel mfr)
Drawer, lime (lime burning)
Charger (linoleum mfr)
Assistant, kiln
Batcher, concrete
Scratcher (linoleum mfr)
Attendant, calender
Stripper, pine
Finisher, post
Furnaceman, calcining
Mixer, marl
Worker, tile (cast concrete products mfr)
Man, mill, potter's
Beaterman (asbestos-cement mfr)
Mixer, glass
Attendant, mill, mortar
Maker, mash (leathercloth mfr)
Mixer, putty
Turner (asbestos-cement goods mfr)
Dresser, stone (concrete products mfr)
Dryer, ore
Miller, cement
Fabricator (cast stone products mfr)
Foreman (linoleum mfr)
Hand, calender (linoleum mfr)
Maker, concrete
Cook, mastic (asphalt mfr)
Worker, process (linoleum mfr)
Worker, kiln (lime burning)
Machinist, grinding (cement mfr)
Mixer, cement (building construction)
Maker, panel
Presser (cemented carbide goods mfr)
Calciner (mine: not coal)
Operator, kiln
Worker, process (jewellery, plate mfr)
Hand, furnace (mine: not coal)
Finisher (asbestos-cement goods mfr)
Dryer, salt
Miller, wash (cement mfr)
Driller, asbestos
Machinist (concrete mfr)
Maker, tile
Mixer, lino
Bedman (asphalt mfr)
Calenderman (linoleum mfr)
Blender (linoleum mfr)
Mixer (cast concrete products mfr)
Worker, concrete (concrete products mfr)
Coater (linoleum mfr)
Foreman (concrete mfr)
Gauger, gut
Manufacturer (cast concrete products mfr)
Hand, house, slip
Maker, post
Mixer (cemented carbide goods mfr)
Operator, mixer (cast concrete products mfr)
Finisher, pipe (cast concrete products mfr)
Maker, lino
Man, dry
Man, kiln, lime
Caster, tile
Mixer (tarmacadam mfr)
Machinist (candle mfr)
Maker, linoleum
Plugger (stoneware pipe mfr)
Splitter, gut
Feeder, clay
Attendant, mixer, concrete
Mixer, slurry (cement mfr)
Dresser, lime
Mixer (cement mfr)
Maker, stone, concrete
Hand, sliphouse
Miller, wet (cement mfr)
Heatman (linoleum mfr)
Plasterer (cast concrete products mfr)
Operative, concrete (concrete products mfr)
Hand, mill
Man, tank, cable
Man, mill (whiting mfr)
Caster, stone
Maker, block, asphalt
Attendant, grinder
Gauger (cast stone products mfr)
Grinder, cutter (cemented carbide goods mfr)
Machinist, winding (oilskin mfr)
Hydrator, lime
Driller (asbestos goods mfr)
Man, dolomite (iron and steelworks)
Presser, lining, brake
Operator, hydrate
Foiler (plasterboard mfr)
Worker, mill, grog
Charger (slag wool mfr)
Grinder, sand
Breaker, ore (blast furnace)
Finisher, concrete
Foreman (cement mfr)
Grinder, compo (metal mfr)
Spinner, concrete
Maker, block, concrete
Dryer, sand
Machinist, washing and mixing (abrasives mfr)
Man, mill, pug
Maker, cement
Worker, process (cast concrete products mfr)
Attendant, magazine, plasterboard
Man, back-end (cement mfr)
Cutter (linoleum mfr)
Man, mixer (building construction)
Packer, sagger
Fireman (abrasives mfr)
Maker, curb (cast concrete products mfr)
Twister, gut
Grinder (cast concrete products mfr)
Temperer (blast furnace)
Worker, process (electrical engineering)
Miller, gypsum
Slimer (gut cleaning)
Man, floor (asphalt mfr)
Hanger, lino (linoleum mfr)
Maker, putty
Catcher, pole
Worker, block, concrete
Maker (cast concrete products mfr)
Grinder, silica
Fettler (cast concrete products mfr)
Foreman (brake linings mfr)
Man, slaker
Man, kiln (cement mfr)
Man, paper (plasterboard mfr)
Cleaner (asbestos-cement mfr)
Attendant, house, slip
Grinder, dust
Finisher, stone (cast concrete products mfr)
Operator, room, drying
Attendant, kiln (cement mfr)
Dresser, gypsum
Breaker, stone
Machinist, making (plasterboard mfr)
Presser, washer
Splitter (gut dressing)
Houseman, slip
Operator, mill, mortar
Spinner (gut processing)
Hand, guillotine (asbestos-cement goods mfr)
Loader, mould (asbestos composition goods mfr)
Stripper, furniture
Presser, hot (cemented carbide goods mfr)
Moulder (asbestos-cement goods mfr)
Mixer (artificial teeth mfr)
Sawyer (asbestos-cement goods mfr)
Grinder, composition (metal mfr)
Foreman (asphalt mfr)
Blender (cast stone products mfr)
Foreman (asbestos-cement goods mfr)
Man, kiln, gypsum
Dryer (metal trades)
Burner (cement mfr)
Hopperman (cement mfr)
Attendant, mill (cement mfr)
Dryer, clay
Finisher (cast concrete products mfr)
Operator, plant, concrete
Driller (asbestos composition goods mfr)
Scraper, gut
Taker-off (cast concrete products mfr)
Dresser, concrete
Feeder, mill
Caster, slab
Feeder, pan
Trimmer (cement mfr)
Operator, drier
Firer, kiln
Man, boiling, tar (cable mfr)
Machinist (linoleum mfr)
Mixer, macadam
Worker, cement
Worker, concrete, pre-cast
Maker, stone, composition
Mixer, concrete
Moulder, hand (asbestos goods mfr)
Worker, stone (cast concrete products mfr)
Steamer, pipe, spun
Maker, slab (cast concrete products mfr)
Caster (cast stone products mfr)
Mixer, linoleum
Maker, block, cement
Burner, kiln (cement mfr)
Festooner (linoleum mfr)
Maker, flag (cast concrete products mfr)
Man, mixer, asphalt
Polisher, tile (asbestos-cement goods mfr)
Worker, process (cemented carbide goods mfr)
Crusher, bone
Selector, gut
Worker, process (abrasives mfr)
Miller, lime
Worker, house, slip
Moulder (cast concrete products mfr)
Crusher, coal
Man, kiln, dry
Spinner, gut
Dryer, pearl
Man, pug
Assistant, pot, melting
Cleaner, gut
Burner (lime burning)
Moulder, concrete
Slugger, paste
Maker, asphalt
Mixer, asphalt
Screener (iron shot and grit mfr)
Attendant, dryer
Machinist, shaking
Caster, concrete
Sheeter, asbestos (asbestos-cement goods mfr)