Production managers and directors in manufacturing


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Production managers and directors in manufacturing plan, organise, direct and co-ordinate the activities and resources necessary for production in manufacturing industries including the maintenance of engineering items, equipment and machinery.


There are no pre-set entry standards. Entry is possible with either a degree or equivalent qualification, and/or relevant experience. On-the-job training is provided and professional qualifications are available, as are S/NVQs in Management at levels 3 to 5.

Typical tasks

  • liaises with other managers to plan overall production activity and daily manufacturing activity, sets quality standards and estimates timescales and costs;
  • manages production to ensure that orders are completed to an agreed date and conform to customer and other requirements;
  • monitors production and production costs and undertakes or arranges for the preparation of reports and records;
  • oversees supervision of the production line and its staff, ensures targets are met.

Common job titles

Owner, mill, textile
Manager, operations (manufacturing)
Manager, shift, production
Owner (sawmill)
Manager (manufacturing)
Manager, manufacturing
Manager, progress
Director of manufacturing
Manager, abattoir
Manager, product (manufacturing)
Owner (engineering works)
Manager, floor (manufacturing)
Manager (packaging activities)
Manager, plant
Manager (printing)
Manager, technical
Manager, production
Manager, yard, ship
Manager, sawmill
Manager, general (manufacturing)
Manager, divisional (manufacturing)
Manager, shop (manufacturing)
Manager, works
Manager, control, production
Manager, fabrication
Manager, mill
Manager, district (manufacturing)
Manager, factory
Director, company (engineering)
Manager, line, front (manufacturing)
Manager, systems (printing)
Manager (steelworks)
Director, managing (engineering)
Manager (engineering)
Manager, shop (metal trades)
Owner, foundry
Owner, sawmill
Owner (textile mill)
Director, technical
Director, company (manufacturing)
Director, manufacturing
Manager, composition
Manager, services, technical
Director (printing)
Manager (mineral oil processing)
Director (manufacturing)
Director (engineering)
Manager (solid fuel mfr)
Manager, shift (manufacturing)
Manager, shop, colour
Director, managing (manufacturing)
Manager, foundry
Owner (manufacturing)
Manager, clothing (manufacturing)
Manager, engineering
Manager, line, production
Manager, regional (manufacturing)
Director, engineering
Manager (coke ovens)
Manager (ship building, repairing)
Manager, brewery
Manager, service
Director, works (manufacturing)
Manager, room, composing
Manager, textile
Director, technical (engineering)
Manager, electro-plating
Owner, yard, boat
Manager, dairy (food products mfr)
Manager, steelworks
Director, operations (manufacturing)
Manager (nuclear fuel production)
Manager, yard, boat
Manager, house, dye

Education background

Destination of Leavers survey, supplied by the Higher Education Statistics.