Public relations professionals


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Public relations professionals plan, organise and co-ordinate the activities that promote the image and understanding of an organisation and its products or services to consumers, businesses, members of the public and other specified audiences.


Most entrants possess A levels/H grades and a degree or equivalent qualification. Further professional qualifications are available.

Typical tasks

  • discusses issues of business strategy, products, services and target client base with senior colleagues to identify public relations requirements;
  • writes, edits and arranges for the effective distribution of press releases, newsletters and other public relations material;
  • addresses individuals, clients and other target groups through meetings, presentations, the media and other events to enhance the public image of an organisation;
  • develops and implements tools to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of public relations exercises.

Common job titles

Adviser, PR
Assistant, communications (press, public relations)
Executive, account
Officer, information
Adviser, relations, public
Coordinator, media
Officer, press
Consultant, communications (media)
Officer, media
Manager, affairs, corporate
Officer, relations, public
Assistant, relations, public
Officer, press and information
Agent, publicity
Consultant, media, social
Consultant, media
Executive, liaison, media
Officer, relations, media
Officer, information, research
Interviewer, press
Aide, communications
Consultant, publicity
Agent, press
Officer, communications (media, public relations)
Manager, affairs, public
Officer, liaison, press
Assistant, PR
Executive, relations, public
Assistant, publishing
Officer, publicity
Manager, media
Manager, media, social
Consultant, affairs, public
Assistant, publications
Secretary, press
Manager, relations, public
Organiser, publicity
Officer, liaison (railways)
Assistant, publicity
Consultant, PR
Executive, media, social
Manager, communications
Consultant, relations, public
Manager, account (public relations)
Manager, publicity

Education background

Destination of Leavers survey, supplied by the Higher Education Statistics.