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Public services associate professionals supervise, manage and undertake general administrative work in national and local government departments, organise the activities of local offices of national government departments, and promote the image and understanding of an organisation and its products and services to consumers and other specified audiences.


Although there are no formal academic entry requirements, entrants typically possess A levels/H grades or an equivalent qualification, and many entrants possess a degree. Entry may be possible by promotion from clerical grades for those with suitable experience. Training is typically provided on-the-job, supplemented by specialised courses. Professional qualifications are available in some areas.

Typical tasks

  • manages the activities of government office staff, assigns tasks and responsibilities and makes changes in procedures to deal with variations in workload;
  • assists senior government officers with policy work, external liaison or general administrative work;
  • supervises a variety of administrative functions in government departments such as recruitment and training, the negotiation and arrangement of contracts, building and capital management, monitoring and authorising department expenditure etc.;
  • organises resources for the acceptance and recording of vacancy details, the selection of suitable applicants and other Job Centre activities;
  • authorises the payment of social security benefits, assesses the financial circumstances of claimants and investigates any state insurance contribution problems;
  • undertakes supervisory duties specific to the operation of Revenue and Customs offices, Job Centres, Benefits Agency offices and other local offices of national government;
  • advises the public or companies on general tax problems and arranges for the issue, receipt and examination of tax forms, assessment of PAYE codes and the computation of tax arrears and rebates;
  • discusses business strategy, products, services and target client base with management to identify public relations requirements;
  • writes, edits and arranges for the distribution of press releases and other public relations material, addresses target groups through meetings, presentations, the media and other events to enhance the public image of the organisation, and monitors and evaluates its effectiveness.

Common job titles

Manager (Jobcentre Plus)
Officer, patient advice and liaison service
Manager, elections
Servant, civil
C4 (Jobcentre Plus)
Officer, revenue, principal (local government)
Coordinator, experience, work
B2 (Cabinet Office)
Counsellor (government)
Officer, clerical, higher (government)
Grade B (DCMS)
Grade 8 (Foreign and Commonwealth Office)
C2 (Jobcentre Plus)
Executive, postal (PO:
Band 4 (Health and Safety Executive)
Officer, management, waste
A3 (Dept for International Development)
Collector, chief (HM Revenue and Customs)
Grade 10 (Foreign and Commonwealth Office)
Officer, assurance, VAT (government)
Officer, determination (local government)
Officer, presenting (government)
Officer, principal (local government)
Collector, regional
Officer, support, budget
Collector, grade, higher (HM Revenue and Customs)
LOI (Jobcentre Plus)
Officer, division (Ordnance Survey)
Officer, development, policy (local government)
Band D (National Assembly for Wales)
Officer, securities (government)
Manager, amenity, area
Officer, local I (Jobcentre Plus)
Officer-in-charge (HM Revenue and Customs)
PO, nos (local government)
C2 (Office for National Statistics)
Manager, branch (government)
Collector (HM Revenue and Customs)
Officer, executive, higher (government)
Supervisor (Jobcentre Plus)
Administrator (hospital service)
Officer, value, best (local government)
Officer, cohesion, community
Manager, office, insurance (Jobcentre Plus)
Superintendent, highways (local government)
RE1 (Land Registry)
Officer, executive, senior (government)
Cashier, chief (government)
Clerk, chief (government)
HEO (government)
Inspector, staff (government)
Leader, team, benefit (local government)
SO, nos (local government)
C3 (Office for National Statistics)
Officer, executive, senior (PO)
Band D (Ministry of Justice)
Band E (Ministry of Justice)
Officer, PALS
Clerk, principal (government)
Supervisor (local government)
C4 (Office for National Statistics)
Assistant, services, democratic
Officer, substitution, grade I (MOD)
Officer, European (local government)
Officer, agricultural (government)
Officer, information
Officer, regional (government)
Leader, team (local government)
Officer, executive, higher (D) (government:
Manager, tax, council
C1 (Office for National Statistics)
Officer, recycling (local government)
Band 3A (Meteorological Office)
Officer, regeneration (local government)
Officer, control, senior (HM Revenue and Customs)
Manager, services, electoral
Officer, appointments (government)
Officer, service, foreign
Officer, equipment (local government)
Officer, awareness, waste
Band 3C (Meteorological Office)
Superintendent, rents (local government)
Band 3B (Meteorological Office)
Coordinator, project (local government)
Controller (government)
B1 (Northern Ireland Office)
B2 (Scottish Government)
Officer, project, regeneration (local government)
Superintendent, grain (DEFRA)
Officer, finance, regional
C3 (Jobcentre Plus)
Officer, higher (HM Revenue and Customs)
Controller, regional (government)
Collector, senior (government)
Superintendent of Stamping
Officer, services, democratic
Band E (National Assembly for Wales)
Officer, staff (government)
Officer, area (government)
AP(T) (local government:
Band 3 (Health and Safety Executive)
Officer, chief (community health)
Officer, establishment (government)
Manager, protection, environmental
Manager, bed
B3 (Scottish Government)
Grade 9 (Foreign and Commonwealth Office)
Manager, team (HM Revenue and Customs)
Officer, VAT (government)
B2 (Northern Ireland Office)
SEO (government)
Officer, monitoring, environmental
Administrator, hospital
Officer, group, senior (MOD)
Officer, revenue, senior (local government)
Superintendent (Land Registry)
B1 (Dept for International Development)
Payband 3 (Dept of Health)
Officer, executive, higher (PO)

Education background

Destination of Leavers survey, supplied by the Higher Education Statistics.