Quarry workers and related operatives


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Quarry workers erect supports in underground workings, set and detonate explosives to loosen rocks and set up and operate drilling equipment to extract minerals (other than coal) from the ground, and operate machinery to wash, crush or separate stone and ores.


There are no formal academic entry requirements. Training is typically provided on-the-job. NVQs/ SVQs in Drilling Operations and Process Operations (Extractive Industries) are available at Level 2. There is a minimum age limit of 18 for underground work.

Typical tasks

  • inspects blasting area, drills shot holes, inserts explosives and detonates charges to loosen large pieces of rock/ore;
  • assembles drilling and cutting tools, operates controls to start machines and to regulate the speed and pressure of cutting and drilling;
  • erects timber or metal supports to shore up tunnel and assists tunnel miner with the excavation of vertical shafts and underground tunnels;
  • conveys goods and materials to and from the workface, loads and unloads mine cars and transfers materials from underground and surface conveyors to bunkers, tubs and rail trucks;
  • operates agitators/vibrators to separate minerals and ensures that screened, filtered, crushed and separated material is discharged to appropriate chutes or conveyors;
  • performs other mining and quarrying tasks not elsewhere classified including digging clay from open pits, operating high-pressure hoses to wash china clay from open pit faces and otherwise assisting miners.

Common job titles

Labourer, miner's, tunnel
Attendant, screen (mine)
Man, bargain (mine: not coal: below ground)
Foreman, screens
Airwayman (mine: not coal)
Worker, process (clay extraction)
Assistant, sinker's
Cutter, bottom
Foreman, screen
Helper, operator's, wireline
Worker, underground (mine: not coal)
Chainman (mine: not coal)
Crusherman (mine: not coal:
Foreman, pit
Splitter (mine: not coal: below ground)
Blaster (mine: not coal)
Crusher (mine: not coal:
Hand, mill (mine: not coal)
Washer, gravel
Jigman (mine: not coal)
Foreman, outside (mine: not coal)
Man, clay (clay pit)
Miller, stone (mine: not coal)
Man, floor (oil wells)
Operator, crusher (mine)
Miner, tin
Attendant, unit, cracker
Charger, drill
Foreman, yard (mine: not coal)
Washer, lime
Breaker (mine: not coal)
Master, quarry
Attendant, frame (mine: not coal)
Operator, plant (quarry)
Man, quarry
Worker, plant, hydrating, lime
Feeder, crusher (mine: not coal)
Carter (mine: not coal)
Man, floor, derrick (oil wells)
Worker, stone (mine: not coal)
Cutter, top
Operator, process (clay extraction)
Driver, crusher (mine: not coal)
Driller (marine operations)
Derrickman (oil wells)
Borer, well
Driller (civil engineering construction)
Grinder (mine: not coal)
Cleaner, blende
Worker, mine (mine: not coal)
Foreman, rock (mine: not coal)
Foreman, quarry
Getter, clay
Borer, ironstone
Borer, shot
Attendant, plant, lime
Grinder, stone, lime (quarry)
Worker, plant, screening
Worker, opencast
Borer (mine: not coal)
Driver, drill (mine: not coal)
Breaker, rock
Foreman, surface (mine: not coal)
Miner, clay
Stamper (mine: not coal)
Supervisor, service, well (oil wells)
Cutter, clay
Drifter (mine: not coal)
Driller, core
Drawer, timber (mine: not coal)
Washer (mine: not coal)
Operative, pit
Operator, wireline
Breaker and filler
Changer, drill
Washer, stone
Man, mica (mine: not coal)
Dresser, tin
Attendant, crusher
Man, drill (mine: not coal)
Driller (mine: not coal)
Firer, shot (mine: not coal)
Machinist (mine: not coal)
Screener (mine: not coal)
Attendant, plant, coal
Washer, grit
Man, mill (mine: not coal)
Holer (mine: not coal)
Borer, artesian
Refiner, clay, china
Digger (mine: not coal)
Grinder, ganister
Hand, rock (mine: not coal)
Stripper (mine: not coal)
Cleaner, tin (mine: not coal)
Operator, separator, magnetic
Cleaner, stone
Riddler, sand
Breaker, stone (mine: not coal)
Contractor (mine: not coal)
Cutter, machine (mine: not coal)
Foreman, drill (mine: not coal)
Lugger (mine: not coal)
Attendant, plant, crushing, ore
Crusher, slag
Miller (mine: not coal)
Trimmer, lime
Attendant, house, filter (mine: not coal)
Deputy (mine: not coal)
Man, timber (building construction: tunnelling contracting)
Separator, ore
Master (mine: metal ore)
Cutter (mine: not coal)
Presser (mine: not coal)
Operator, plant (coal mine: coal washery)
Setter, timber
Driller, sample (mine: not coal)
Driller, machine (mine: not coal)
Foreman (oil wells)
Picker (mine: not coal)
Miner (mine: not coal)
Captain, underground
Operator, plant, flotation
Attendant, plant (quarry)
Packer (mine: not coal)
Worker, ironstone
Driller, diamond (well sinking)
Engineer, boring
Worker, quarry
Operator, washery
Foreman (mine: not coal)
Captain (mine: not coal)
Worker, surface (mine: not coal)
Riddler (mine: not coal)
Picker, metal (mine: not coal)
Worker, gravel (gravel extraction)
Cleaner, coal
Excavator (mine: not coal)
Picker, flint
Man, pit (mine: not coal)
Minder, crusher (mine: not coal)
Breaker, coal
Driller, well
Rockman (mine: not coal)
Channeller (mine: not coal)
Worker, ground, under (mine: not coal)
Man, timber (mine: not coal)
Fireman (mine: not coal)
Worker, sand (quarry)
Foreman, explosives (mine: not coal)
Brakesman (mine: not coal)
Machinist, ratchet
Helper, miner's (mine: not coal)
Feeder (mine: not coal)
Worker, ground, above (mine: not coal)
Shiftman (mine: not coal)
Drawer, prop
Operative, quarry
Worker, rig, oil (well drilling)
Repairer, airway (mine: not coal)
Machinist, drilling (mine: not coal)
Driller (well sinking)
Braker (mine: not coal)
Driver (mine: not coal: below ground)
Boss, shift
Woodman (mine: not coal)
Operator, screen (mines: quarries)
Driver, roller (oil wells)
Hand, surface (mine: not coal)
Worker, rig, oil
Delver (mine: not coal)
Shotman (mine: not coal)
Crusher (mines and quarries:
Worker, clay (clay pit)
Getter (mine: not coal)