Records clerks and assistants


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Records clerks and assistants maintain and update electronic and/or hard copy documents, correspondence and other records, and organise their storage.


There are no minimum academic requirements, although entrants typically possess GCSEs/S grades or equivalent qualifications. Training is normally provided on-the-job. NVQs/SVQs in Administration at Levels 1 and 2 are available.

Typical tasks

  • examines and sorts incoming material;
  • classifies, files, archives and locates documents and other records;
  • copies or duplicates documents or other records;
  • performs specialised clerical tasks in connection with conveyancing, litigation and the maintenance of medical records.

Common job titles

Officer, progress
Recorder of work
Clerk-typist (university)
Checker, coupon
Clerk, statistical
Official, court
Administrator, contract
Clerk, coding
Planner, works
Clerk, fingerprint
Assistant, production (publishing)
Administrator, technical
Officer, records, medical
Clerk, planning
Assistant, conveyancing
Officer, examinations
Controller, contracts
Clerk, purchasing
Clerk, hospital
Clerk-typist (college)
Controller, progress
Administrator, purchasing
Officer, properties (police service)
Officer, warranty
Officer, statistical (electricity supplier)
Compiler, index
Canvasser, elections
Assistant, lottery
Clerk, technical
Clerk, actuarial
Official (PO)
Checker (docks)
Assistant, employment
Enumerator, census
Officer, lettings
Clerk, litigation
Officer, court
Administrator, ward
Assistant, litigation
Checker (wholesale, retail trade)
Officer, admissions
Recorder, milk
Logger, court
Clerk, advertising
Clerk, booking
Clerk, filing
Clerk, statistics
Assistant, room, publishing
Clerk, intake
Clerk, assurance, quality
Assistant, correspondence
Clerk, ward
Assistant, control, production
Officer, magisterial
Officer, records
Checker (oil refining)
Assistant, purchasing
Assistant, contracts
Assistant, records
Clerk, admissions
Clerk, allocator
Clerk, records
Clerk, office, buying
Assistant, study, work
Clerk (advertising, publicity)
Checker, progress
Compiler, catalogue
Administrator, courts
Clerk, compilation
Assistant, admissions (college)
Clerk, control, quality
Controller, schedule
Controller, contract
Checker (building construction)
Clerk, purchase
Compiler, directory
Clerk (hospital service)
Clerk, hire
Clerk, charge
Officer, control, production
Clerk, pools
Clerk, office, booking
Clerk, course (betting)
Clerk (university)
Clerk, clinic
Officer, search
Assistant, control, quality
Clerk, solicitor's
Assistant, buyer's
Clerk, correspondence
Clerk (college)
Clerk, schedule
Linesman, progress
Assistant, export
Administrator, court
Clerk, prescription
Clerk, manifest
Administrator, practice
Scheduler, cell
Planner, work
Assistant, study, time
Controller, document
Officer, fingerprint, civilian
Administrator, conference
Clerk, pool
Officer, clerical (hospital service)
Assistant, clerk's, justices
Administrator, purchase
Measurer (docks)
Controller, waste
Assistant, solicitor's
Clerk, law
Clerk, list, waiting (hospital service)
Receptionist, ward
Administrator, letter (PO)
Assistant, registrar's
Clerk, staff
Clerk, clearance
Administrator, procurement
Assistant, progress
Clerk, tally
Controller, documentation
Officer, admission (hospital service)
Clerk, appointments (hospital service)
Summariser, tape (police service)
Interviewer, agency, employment
Scheduler, production
Supporter, court
Assistant, staff
Recorder, progress
Officer, property (police service)
Officer, allocation
Clerk, control, production
Detailer, staff
Correspondent, banking
Assistant, establishment
Assistant, fingerprint
Clerk, conveyancing
Detailer, duty
Representative, dock
Administrator, export
Clerk, warranty
Officer, statistical (gas supplier)
Assistant, buying

Education background

Destination of Leavers survey, supplied by the Higher Education Statistics.