Refuse and salvage occupations


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Annual Survey of Hours and Earning 2018


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Refuse and salvage collectors supervise and undertake the collection and processing of refuse from household, commercial and industrial premises.


No academic qualifications are required. Training is provided on-the-job. A minimum age limit of 18 years normally applies.

Typical tasks

  • rides in or on refuse vehicle and alights to pick up domestic refuse;
  • carries waste material in dustbins or other containers from premises to refuse vehicle;
  • empties refuse into vehicle manually or using an electronic tipping device;
  • returns dustbins or other containers to premises;
  • collects scrap metal, salvage, paper and other recyclable material from domestic and industrial premises, and sorts material in preparation for recycling;
  • attends the operation of refuse tips, supervises the use of public refuse disposal facilities, and compacts and covers up refuse at landfill sites.

Common job titles

Officer, estates (local government: cleansing dept)
Inspector, cleansing
Collector, refuse
Attendant, tip
Hand, salvage
Operator, disposal, refuse
Officer, disposal, refuse
Operative, disposal, refuse
Superintendent, sanitary
Foreman (local government: refuse tip)
Loader, refuse (local government: cleansing dept)
Binman (local government: cleansing dept)
Operator, recycling
Foreman (local government: cleansing dept)
Operative, disposal, waste
Operator, disposal, waste
Attendant, hopper (refuse destruction)
Operative, recycling
Foreman (wreck raising)
Operative, landfill
Worker, recycling
Operative, refuse
Inspector (local government: cleansing dept)
Foreman (local government: sanitary dept)
Tipman, refuse
Worker, salvage
Foreman, district (sanitary services)
Collector, dust (local government)
Man, bin (local government: cleansing dept)
Collector, waste
Officer, estate (local government: cleansing dept)
Recycler, paper
Lifter, bin
Remover, refuse
Collector, salvage
Collector, metal, scrap
Trimmer, disposal, refuse
Cleanser (local government)
Collector, scrap
Foreman, salvage
Superintendent, cleansing (local government)