Roofers, roof tilers and slaters


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Job holders in this unit group cover roofs and exterior walls with felting, sheeting, slates, tiles and thatch to provide a waterproof surface.


There are no formal academic entry requirements, though GCSEs/S grades are advantageous. Entry is typically through an apprenticeship or traineeship approved by ConstructionSkills leading to an NVQ/SVQ in General Construction at Level 3.

Typical tasks

  • measures roof or exterior wall and calculates required amounts of underfelt, tiles, slates or thatching material;
  • cuts wooden battens, felt and underfelt to required size;
  • lays and secures underfelt and covers with hot bitumen or other adhesive compound;
  • lays, aligns and secures successive overlapping layers of roofing material;
  • seals edges of roof with mortar and ensures that joints are watertight.

Common job titles

Sheeter, iron, corrugated
Mechanic, roof
Fixer, roof (building construction)
Fixer, felt
Sheeter, roof
Tiler, roof
Sheeter, cement, asbestos
Felter (building construction)
Roofer, felt
Sheeter, asbestos
Fixer, asbestos
Slater and tiler
Constructor, roofing
Sheeter (chemical mfr)
Coverer, roof
Fixer, roofing
Liner, roof
Erector, roof
Caster, parchester
Layer, felt
Sheeter (building construction)
Contractor, roofing
Spreader, asphalt, mastic
Repairer, roof
Sheeter, constructional
Constructor, roof (building construction)
Erector, roofing, galvanised
Fitter, asbestos
Engineer, roofing