Routine inspectors and testers


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Jobholders in this unit group inspect and/or test metal stock, parts and products, electrical plant, machinery and electronic components, systems and sub-assemblies, textiles, wood, paper, food, plastics and rubber goods, parts and materials to detect processing, manufacturing and other defects.


There are no formal academic entry requirements, although some employers require candidates to possess GCSEs/S grades. Training is typically received on-the-job, supplemented by training courses where instruction in specific techniques is required. Various NVQs/SVQs encompass aspects of quality control.

Typical tasks

  • examines articles for surface flaws such as cracks, dents, defective sealing or broken wires by visual inspection or using aids such as microscopes or magnifying glasses;
  • checks sequence of assembly operations and checks assemblies and sub-assemblies against parts lists to detect missing items;
  • sets up test equipment, connects items/system to power source/pressure outlet, etc. and operates controls to check performance and operation of electrical plant and machinery and electronics systems;
  • examines yarn packages, textile fabrics and garments, wood or wood products, paper and paperboard, plastics and rubber materials, food products, food storage containers, etc., checks specifications, marks any repairable defects and rejects faulty items;
  • reports any recurrent or major defects and recommends improvements to production methods.

Common job titles

Checker, photographic (printed circuit board mfr)
Passer, piece
Examiner (chemical mfr)
Maker-up (paper mfr)
Passer (fur goods mfr)
Examiner (electrical, electronic equipment mfr)
Examiner, hosiery
Operator, lamp (electric lamp mfr)
Inspector, plastics
Assistant, tester's, meter
Inspector, factory (metal trades)
Checker (metal trades)
Inspector (asbestos-cement goods mfr)
Inspector, cable (cable mfr)
Tapper, wheel (railways)
Inspector (food products mfr)
Inspector, upholstery
Inspector, assurance, quality
Foreman, inspection
Examiner, meter (Dept for Business Innovation and Skills)
Examiner, tyre
Sorter, printer's
Tester, can
Inspector, lining (brake linings mfr)
Shooter (gun mfr)
Inspector, trimming, coach
Viewer, cycle
Tester, milk
Tester (lens mfr)
Examiner, bullet
Inspector, shell
Tester, gear (engineering)
Inspector, workshops (coal mine)
Tester, bench
Drawer (textile mfr: lace mfr)
Passer, machine (clothing mfr)
Checker, gauge
Inspector, cell (chemical mfr)
Examiner (glass mfr)
Overlooker, greenhouse
Examiner (wallpaper mfr)
Tester, aircraft
Tester, meter
Prover and tester (metal trades)
Looker, piece
Checker, paper (paper mfr)
Inspector, veneer
Spotter (textile finishing)
Checker (printing)
Examiner (metal trades)
Inspector, QA
Picker, confectionery
Viewer of bullets
Checker, milk
Inspector (printing)
Candler, egg
Inspector, shop, machine
Inspector (clothing mfr)
Inspector (leathercloth mfr)
Tester, tractor
Checker (rubber goods mfr)
Examiner, cheque
Inspector, gauge
Inspector, optical
Checker, iron
Viewer, glass
Inspector, system
Engineer, ultrasonic
Inspector, assembly
Inspector of naval ordnance
Examiner (wood products mfr)
Inspector, car
Viewer (textile mfr)
Tester, paper
Examiner, impression (Ordnance Survey)
Looker, yarn
Inspector, factory (clothing mfr)
Inspector (plasterboard mfr)
Examiner (fancy goods mfr)
Inspector (surgical goods mfr)
Examiner, motor
Inspector, layout
Auditor, control, quality
Passer, glove, finished
Tester, coke
Tester (match mfr)
Picker, nut
Inspector (rubber goods mfr)
Tester, glass
Inspector, roller (metal trades)
Tester (abrasive wheel mfr)
Inspector (stone dressing)
Tester, non-destructive
Viewer (metal trades)
Inspector, stock, rolling
Gauger (metal trades)
Passer (clothing mfr)
Inspector (paper mfr)
Checker (electrical, electronic engineering)
Sorter (paper goods mfr)
Examiner (printing)
Examiner, printer's
Ransacker (fishing net mfr)
Measurer, steel
Attendant, room, sample (food products mfr)
Examiner, bag
Inspector (footwear mfr)
Examiner (match mfr)
Inspector, engine
Tester, systems
Examiner, bank-note
Inspector (furniture mfr)
Assistant, inspector's (metal trades)
Tester, tank
Examiner, vehicle
Examiner, wire
Inspector (metal trades)
Passer, finished (textile mfr)
Inspector, shop, fitting
Tester, hollow-ware
Inspector, aircraft
Sorter, card, playing
Tester, roller
Tester, dynamo
Inspector, quality
Prover, meter
Viewer (food products mfr)
Tester, cable
Sorter, label
Checker (bakery)
Sorter (paper mfr)
Patrol (motor vehicle mfr)
Inspector, PCB
Tester (rubber goods mfr)
Inspector, rope
Tester, wire
Controller, quality
Inspector, instrument
Examiner, cigar
Examiner (paper mfr)
Inspector, tube
Checker, moulding
Examiner, bus
Inspector, cylinder
Overlooker (hat mfr)
Inspector, micrometer
Examiner, plan (Ordnance Survey)
Inspector (ceramics mfr)
Examiner, mechanical
Inspector, textile
Inspector, motor
Examiner, burr (dental instrument mfr)
Balancer, dynamic
Balancer (engineering)
Inspector (glass mfr)
Inspector, lift
Tester, coke (coal gas, coke ovens)
Measurer (rolling mill)
Examiner (railways)
Inspector, lens
Inspector, bar (rolling mill)
Examiner (ceramics mfr)
Examiner, bulb (lamp mfr)
Inspector, vehicle
Looker-out (pen nib mfr)
Tester, pipe (metal mfr)
Examiner, shoe
Examiner, cloth, leather
Viewer (electrical goods mfr)
Foreman, checking (engineering)
Tester, record
Inspector, floor (engineering)
Tester, machine
Tester (safety fuse mfr)
Engineer, test
Viewer (chocolate mfr)
Tester (record mfr)
Examiner, brush
Tester (ceramics mfr)
Tester, motor
Tester, valve
Sorter, glove
Straightener, yarn
Inspector, rubber
Inspector, garment
Examiner, shell
Inflator, bed, air
Inspector, records, musical
Overlooker, cloth
Viewer, component (metal trades)
Checker (ceramics mfr)
Counter, paper
Examiner (pencil, crayon mfr)
Picker, stilt
Inspector, component (metal trades)
Worker, salle
Assistant, checker's (metal trades)
Inspector, line (vehicle mfr)
Overlooker (clothing mfr)
Examiner (rubber goods mfr)
Prover (tube mfr)
Tester, bobbin
Inspector, electrical
Passer, cigar
Examiner (mica, micanite goods mfr)
Viewer, cloth
Inspector, rail
Inspector, timber
Examiner, pen
Inspector, glass
Inspector, plant, electrical
Hand, clock (ball bearing mfr)
Viewer (plastics goods mfr)
Balancer, dynamics
Finisher, paint
Tester, cloth (textile merchants)
Inspector, process
Sorter, paper (paper goods mfr)
Examiner, book (printing)
Examiner, cycle
Operator, gauger
Checker (textile materials, products mfr)
Examiner (toy mfr)
Examiner (railway maintenance and repair)
Inspector, yarn
Operator, assurance, quality
Examiner, thread
Tester, disc, compact
Examiner, chain
Inspector (fancy goods mfr)
Checker, machine (engineering)
Examiner (electrical goods mfr)
Checker (drug mfr)
Tester, brake
Checker (food products mfr)
Inspector (textile mfr)
Viewer (film, television production)
Checker (paint mfr)
Adjuster, dial (telephone mfr)
Inspector, mechanical
Checker, bank-note
Prover, file
Filler-in (furniture mfr)
Man, cloth (clothing mfr)
Operator, detector (engineering)
Inspector, electronics (components mfr)
Examiner, wheel
Examiner, roller (printing)
Inspector, furnace (furnace mfr)
Inspector (electrical goods mfr)
Examiner, tool, edge
Inspector (broom, brush mfr)
Inspector, wagon
Sorter, paper (paper mfr)
Inspector, flight
Inspector, metal
Passer (footwear mfr)
Inspector, locomotive (railways)
Finder, fault
Inspector, enamel
Inspector, insulation
Inspector (cartridge mfr)
Tester, lamp, arc
Inspector, cabinet
Viewer, garment
Tester, pole
Inspector, hosiery
Overlooker (lace examining)
Examiner, glass (glass mfr)
Inspector, government
Tester, pipe, concrete
Engineer, inspection
Catcher, cigarette
Drawer, cloth
Picker (paper mfr)
Viewer, bearings, ball
Inspector (plastics goods mfr)
Inspector, battery
Inflator, cushion, air
Inspector, chief (engineering)
Tester, denier
Inspector, welding
Inspector, leaf
Inspector, control, quality
Examiner (laundry, launderette, dry cleaning)
Machinist, testing (metal trades)
Inspector (cardboard mfr)
Tester, slow, bobbin
Tester (plastics goods mfr)
Examiner (footwear mfr)
Operator, photometer
Straightener (textile mfr)
Looker-over (ceramics mfr)
Sorter, paper (wallpaper mfr)
Tester, quality
Inspector, machine (coal mine:
Inspector (carbon goods mfr)
Operator, quality
Inspector, bank-note
Inspector, diesel (railways)
Balancer, shaft, crank
Tester, tube, ray, cathode
Checker, ingot (steelworks)
Sampler, grain (grain milling)
Inspector, plant, gas
Inspector, film
Engineer, test, electrical
Inspector, paint (engineering)
Tester (food canning)
Examiner (leathercloth mfr)
Hand, test (metal trades)
Viewer, barrel
Examiner (clothing mfr)
Tester, balloon
Examiner (tobacco mfr)
Tester, insulation
Inspector, billet (steelworks)
Inspector, test
Examiner, stem
Gauger, bullet
Sorter, note (paper goods mfr)
Foreman, test, motor
Inspector, machinery
Sorter, glass
Tester (metal trades)
Tester, pump
Examiner (ordnance factory)
Catcher, machine
Examiner, yarn
Inspector (match mfr)
Inspector, ultrasonic
Auditor, quality
Examiner (dyeing and cleaning)
Examiner, print
Inspector, plant, mechanical
Inspector (dyeing and cleaning)
Tester, silk (man-made fibre mfr)
Counter (paper mfr)
Finisher, surface (aircraft mfr)
Inspector, tyre
Tester (paint mfr)
Examiner, ammunition
Inspector, clothing
Inspector, production
Examiner, armaments
Sampler, milk
Tester, moisture
Examiner, timber
Officer, control, quality
Passer (textile mfr)
Inspector, food (food products mfr)
Inspector, machine
Passer, cloth
Tester, egg
Inspector, lamp
Smeller, cask
Tester (asbestos-cement goods mfr)
Inspector (wood products mfr)
Inspector, sanitary (ceramics mfr)
Examiner (bookbinding)
Viewer (sports goods mfr)
Inspector, relay
Inspector, armaments
Examiner (Royal Mint)
Tester, boiler
Tester (cast concrete products mfr)
Finisher, pencil
Passer, final (tailoring)
Tester, stove
Passer (broom, brush mfr)
Tester, dye (textile bleaching, dyeing)
Examiner (plastics goods mfr)
Assistant, room, test
Inspector, mirror
Examiner, decorator's (ceramics mfr)
Inspector, coil
Sampler, tea
Inspector, patrol (metal trades)
Passer, garment
Tapper (railways)
Inspector, plant, preparation (coal mine)
Inspector, boiler
Passer (metal trades)
Viewer (rubber goods mfr)
Inspector, carriage and wagon
Inspector, chicken (food processing)
Looker-over (textile finishing)
Inspector, mould (glass mfr)
Tester, ndt
Detector, crack (metal mfr)
Viewer (hat mfr)
Inspector, graphite
Looker-over, decorator's
Tester, coil
Searcher (manufacturing: woollen mfr)
Engineer, inspector
Sorter (printing)
Inspector, tool
Tester, road (vehicle mfr)
Inspector, radio
Viewer, ammunition
Inspector (carpet, rug mfr)
Inspector of armaments (government)
Tester, carburettor
Engineer, maintenance, tyre
Tester, shift (chemical mfr)
Inspector, plant, process
Inspector (canvas goods mfr)
Prover, die
Tester, conditioning, air
Picker, thimble
Examiner, film
Inspector, AID (Board of Trade)
Passer (cardboard box mfr)
Foreman, salle
Percher (textile mfr)
Inspector (asbestos goods mfr)
Tester, cylinder
Checker (Bank of England)
Tester (glass mfr)
Inspector, cloth
Checker, mica
Inspector and packer
Inspector (mica, micanite goods mfr)
Worker, inspection
Tester, electrical
Tester, spring
Inspector, core
Picker-out (galvanised sheet mfr)
Examiner (asbestos composition goods mfr)
Inspector, room, tool
Inspector (paper goods mfr)
Tester, cell (dry battery mfr)
Tester, music
Inspector, apparatus, photographic
Inspector, carriage (railways)
Tester, cask
Inspector (abrasive paper, cloth mfr)
Examiner, cloth
Examiner, machine, cigarette
Inspector, nylon
Tester, engine
Inspector, engineering
Examiner (MOD)
Examiner, engineering
Sorter, sheet (printing)
Tester, rope
Looker, cloth
Tester, furnace (furnace mfr)
Tester, yarn
Inspector, bench
Inspector (instrument mfr)
Sorter (glass mfr)
Prover, stove (gas supplier)
Examiner, steel (steelworks)
Inspector (man-made fibre mfr)
Examiner, piece
Balancer, wheel (railway workshops)
Viewer (clothing mfr)
Tester, instrument
Assessor, quality
Checker (wood products mfr)
Examiner, stencil
Examiner, final (clothing mfr)
Operator, ultrasonic
Tester (electrical, electronic equipment mfr)
Inspector, aeronautical
Assistant, control, quality
Checker, nos
Inspector, components (metal trades)
Liner and finisher (vehicle mfr)
Viewer, plastics
Checker (clothing mfr)
Inspector, area
Foreman, quality (engineering)
Inspector, plate (steelworks)
Passer (glove mfr)
Inspector, crisp, potato
Viewer (wood products mfr)
Viewer, patrol (metal trades)
Coordinator, quality
Examiner, spring
Inspector, ring (engineering)
Examiner (textile mfr)
Examiner (food products mfr)
Inspector, carpet
Tester, vehicle
Certifier, order, money
Tester, cement
Viewer (cartridge mfr)
Examiner, file
Prover, gun
Finisher, cellulose
Tester, matrix (type foundry)
Checker (brewery)
Verifier (rubber tyre mfr)
Patrolman (motor vehicle mfr)
Passer (canned foods mfr)
Examiner, label
Inspector, works (vehicle mfr)
Checker (plastics goods mfr)