Scaffolders, stagers and riggers


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Job holders in this unit group erect and dismantle scaffolding and working platforms, set up lifting equipment and ships’ rigging, maintain and repair steeples, industrial chimneys and other tall structures and install, maintain and repair ropes, wires and cables.


There are no formal academic entry requirements. Training is initially received on-the-job. Skilled workers must obtain Construction Skills recognised scaffolders record scheme cards through the completion of approved courses and further work experience. NVQs/SVQs in Scaffolding are available at Levels 2 and 3.

Typical tasks

  • examines drawings and specifications to determine job requirements;
  • examines scaffold tubing and couplings for defects and selects, fits and bolts scaffold tubes until scaffolding reaches required height;
  • lays and secures wooden planking to form working platforms and fixes guard rails, ladders, cradles and awnings as required;
  • erects jib, derrick and similar hoisting equipment and installs ropes, pulleys and other lifting tackle;
  • forms rope slings, ladders, netting and other rigging and measures, cuts and repairs wire or fibre rope.

Common job titles

Splicer, wire
Stager (shipbuilding)
Tackleman (steelworks)
Foreman, scaffolder
Tester, rope (coal mine)
Erector, shuttering, metal
Rigger, factory
Rigger, ship's
Rigger, scaffolding
Fixer, scaffolding
Smith, rope (coal mine)
Ropeman (mining)
Hanger, bell
Erector, scaffolding
Rigger (film, television production)
Fitter, rope and belt
Lifter, heavy
Rigger, salvage
Rigger, stage (shipbuilding)
Fitter, ropery, wire
Splicer, rope (coal mine)
Splicer (coal mine)
Erector, stage (ship repairing)
Splicer, rope (steel mfr)
Maker, grommet (wire rope, cable mfr)
Maker, gromet (wire rope, cable mfr)