School midday and crossing patrol occupations


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Workers in this unit group supervise the activities of school children during break and meal times and assist children to cross roads near to the entrances of schools.


There are no formal academic entry requirements. Some employers may expect candidates to show previous experience in caring for children. Training is provided off- and on-the-job. CRB clearance is mandatory.

Typical tasks

  • supervises the playground activities of children during meal and break times;
  • cares for sick children and administers first aid if necessary;
  • assists young children with feeding, dressing, washing and toiletry activities;
  • meets children wanting to cross the road and directs them to wait at the kerb;
  • waits for a safe gap in traffic and walks to the centre of road;
  • signals approaching traffic to stop by using hand signals and school crossing signs;
  • directs children to cross the road when safe.

Common job titles

Assistant, midday
Superintendent, children's
Assistant, supervisory, lunchtime
Attendant, ground, play
Controller, lunchtime (schools)
Supervisor, dinner
Officer, patrol, crossing, school
Supervisor, lunchtime
Assistant, welfare, dinner
Assistant, mealtime (schools)
Organiser, lunchtime
Warden, crossing
Warden, patrol, crossing, school
Help, teacher's
Attendant, crossing
Assistant, time, meal (schools)
Supervisor (school meals service)
Assistant, time, lunch (schools)
Supervisor, time, dinner
Supervisor, playground
Controller, dinner
Auxiliary, lunchtime (educational establishments)
Patrol, crossing
Attendant, midday
Patrolman, crossing
Assistant, supervisory (schools:
Supervisor, meals
Attendant, crossing (schools)
Lady, dinner (schools)
Supervisor, midday
Assistant, supervisory, midday
Assistant, supervisory
Controller, lunch (schools)
Man, lollipop
Assistant, playground (schools)
Supervisor, school
Patroller, crossing
Assistant, welfare (schools:
Warden, dinner
Supervisor, children's
Assistant, lunchtime (schools)
Patrol, crossing, school
Patrolman, crossing, school