Security guards and related occupations


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Workers in this unit group protect merchandise, individuals, hotels, offices, factories, public grounds and private estates from injury, theft or damage, and investigate fraud and crime on a non-statutory basis.


There are no formal academic entry requirements. For some vacancies a current and clean driving licence is required and entrants may have to pass a medical examination. Training is typically provided on-the-job. NVQs/SVQs covering various aspects of security guarding are available at Level 2.

Typical tasks

  • investigates crimes, trading practices and the private affairs of individuals;
  • walks or rides near person requiring protection, watches for suspicious occurrences and defends guarded person from attack;
  • monitors and patrols hotels, factories, offices and other premises, forests, parks, and public or private estates to prevent theft and unauthorised entry;
  • checks persons and vehicles entering and leaving premises, establishes their credentials and arranges for escorts for visitors;
  • receives duty sheet, time-clock and keys for premises to be visited, checks locks, doors, windows, etc. and reports any suspicious circumstances to security headquarters;
  • calls in civil police and gives evidence in court where necessary.

Common job titles

Officer, police
Supervisor, security
Controller, security
Officer, investigation, fraud
Supervisor, park
Superintendent (park)
Investigator (security services)
Man, security
Investigator, civil
Porter, security
Guard (manufacturing)
Guard, body
Officer, prevention, loss
Inspector, park
Watcher, fire
Keeper, head (park)
Officer, detention
Warden, park
Detective, hotel
Operative, security
Officer, monitoring, CCTV
Officer, protection, close
Officer, branch (security services)
Keeper, ship
Attendant, gate
Guard, works
Attendant, park
Officer, fraud
Custodian, civilian
Guard, security
Investigator, private
Agent, trace
Inspector, patrol
Investigator, credit
Attendant, lodge
Keeper, gate
Officer, investigation
Keeper, door
Investigator, purchase, hire
Checker, gate
Watcher, ship
Detective (private detective agency)
Guard (road goods transport)
Investigator, fraud
Officer, investigating
Inspector of park keepers
Foreman (security services)
Assistant, security
Officer, security
Officer, patrol
Investigator, security
Keeper, house, gate
Watcher, night
Keeper, park, head
Porter, gate
Officer, patrol, security
Operator, CCTV
Custodian (security services)
Consultant, security
Guard, custody
Detective, store
Detective (retail trade)
Guard, bank
Guard, night
Inspector, beach
Officer, investigating, fraud
Porter, lodge
Superintendent, park
Assistant, museum
Agent, security
Attendant, court
Operator, television, circuit, close
Constable, market
Guard (security services)
Sergeant, security
Detective, private
Assistant (PO: investigation branch)
Keeper, lodge
Warden, security
Officer, security, chief
Attendant, security
Guard, van
Keeper, park
Adviser, security
Man, lodge

Education background

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