Sewing machinists


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Annual Survey of Hours and Earning 2018


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Jobholders in this unit group sew and finish garments by hand or machine, rectify faults in manufactured textile goods and repair worn and damaged garments.


There are no formal academic entry requirements. Training is received off- and on-the-job. NVQs/ SVQs are available at Levels 1 and 2.

Typical tasks

  • operates standard and specialised machines to sew, finish and repair garments and other textile, fabric, fur and skin products;
  • examines fabrics of all types to identify imperfections and determine best method of repair;
  • performs hand sewing tasks in the making, trimming and finishing of fur, sheepskin, leather, upholstery, mats, carpets, umbrellas and other textile products;
  • embroiders decorative designs on textiles with machine stitching;
  • cleans and oils machine and reports or remedies any mechanical faults.

Common job titles

Machinist, special (clothing mfr)
Sewer, felt
Repairer, sheet
Machinist, sleeving
Machinist, stocking (hosiery, knitwear mfr)
Machinist, binding
Machinist, fabric, circular
Coverer, umbrella
Maker, glove
Finisher (clothing mfr)
Machinist, overhead
Machinist (textile products mfr)
Rectifier (textile mfr)
Sewer, fur
Finisher, kilt
Manufacturer, glove
Machinist, bag (sack mfr)
Maker, bag (canvas goods mfr)
Maker, goods, canvas
Trimmer (clothing mfr)
Machinist (hat mfr)
Maker, parachute
Machinist, cornelly
Feller (clothing mfr)
Sewer (glove mfr)
Machinist, welting
Burler and mender
Machinist, basting
Maker, cover, tyre
Sewer, spangle
Knotter (textile mfr: examining dept)
Glover (glove mfr)
Binder, blanket
Assistant, upholsterer's
Machinist, foot
Slipper, tie
Whipper, blanket
Sewer, carpet
Finisher (soft toy mfr)
Maker, knapsack
Mender (laundry, launderette, dry cleaning)
Maker, dressing, surgical
Worker, badge
Mender, hosiery
Maker, tie
Finisher, curtain
Thumber (glove mfr)
Machinist (electric blanket mfr)
Backer (clothing mfr)
Finisher (embroidery mfr)
Machinist, elasticator
Spiler (textile mfr)
Examiner and mender
Machinist, hemming
Picker, carpet
Quilter (textile mfr)
Machinist, shirt
Machinist (textile mfr: textile weaving)
Machinist, tucking
Tacker (hosiery, knitwear mfr)
Machinist, sample
Machinist, sewing
Holer, button
Machinist, tape (hat mfr)
Worker, buttonhole
Maid, sewing
Machinist, towel
Hand, palm and needle
Machinist (soft furnishings mfr)
Machinist, feather
Seamer, cup (knitwear mfr)
Foreman, room, machine (clothing mfr)
Mender, invisible
Sewer (textile mfr)
Looper (hosiery, knitwear mfr)
Maker, trimming (clothing mfr)
Sewer, glove
Machinist, lining (hat mfr)
Sewer, seam
Machinist (clothing mfr)
Binder (hat mfr)
Locker, flat
Machinist, blouse
Machinist, wheel
Mistress, sewing
Machinist, belt, conveyor
Machinist, barring (clothing mfr)
Machinist, flag
Machinist, knitting
Binder (blanket mfr)
Machinist, darning (textile mfr)
Machinist, millinery
Machinist, upholsterer's
Maker, bow (clothing mfr)
Machinist, buttoning (clothing mfr)
Machinist, flat (clothing mfr)
Mistress, needle
Beader (embroidering)
Machinist, clothing
Maker, shroud
Machinist, jacket
Machinist, canvas
Machinist, textile (clothing mfr)
Maker, accoutrements
Maker, bag, sand
Machinist, lining (clothing mfr)
Mistress, room, work
Machinist, seamless
Repairer, carpet
Machinist, automatic
Machinist, flat, hand
Seamer (carpet, rug mfr)
Machinist, dressmaker's
Finisher (knitwear mfr)
Finisher, shirt
Maker, bag, gun
Sleever (clothing mfr)
Machinist, embroidery
Silker (textile mfr)
Machinist, padding (clothing mfr)
Machinist, fur
Mender, embroidery
Machinist, net
Machinist, knicker
Machinist (mattress mfr)
Machinist, outer-wear
Machinist, pleating
Finisher, glove
Machinist, trouser
Finisher and liner (fur garment mfr)
Mender (embroidery mfr)
Hand, needlework
Woman, needle
Maker, sheet (railways)
Machinist (canvas goods mfr)
Machinist (surgical dressing mfr)
Fanner (corset mfr)
Repairer, hosiery
Strapper (corset mfr)
Examiner and finisher
Machinist, tie
Binder (fabric glove mfr)
Maker, surplice
Stitcher, lock
Machinist, stitch
Binder, carpet
Machinist, tent
Sewer, button
Maker, trimmings (clothing mfr)
Liner (hat mfr)
Sewer (hat mfr)
Picker, yarn
Machinist, button (clothing mfr)
Machinist (textile mfr: carpet, rug mfr)
Maker, hole, button
Machinist, lashing
Finisher (hosiery garment mfr)
Pointer, machine
Maker, marquee
Knitter, power (textile mfr)
Maker, belt
Hand, feller
Machinist, needle
Machinist, blanket
Maker, cover, loose
Finisher, trouser
Sewer, bag
Machinist, lace (lace mfr)
Picker, cloth
Repairer, net
Supervisor, room, sewing
Maker, collar (clothing mfr)
Hand, collar (clothing mfr)
Machinist, hosiery, surgical
Mender (hotels, catering, public houses)
Seamer (hosiery, knitwear mfr)
Binder, leather, hat
Machinist, lock, flat
Sewer (canvas goods mfr)
Machinist, glove
Repairer, sack
Finisher (fur goods mfr)
Matron, sewing
Machinist, upholstery
Mender, carpet
Tabber (corset mfr)
Machinist, lace (textile mfr)
Machinist, silk (clothing mfr)
Mender, net
Maker, embroidery
Finisher, coat
Machinist, corset
Machinist, coat
Manufacturer (glove mfr)
Welter (hosiery, knitwear mfr)
Machinist, cornely
Mender, cloth (textile mfr)
Sewer, cloth
Sewer, tent
Mender, bag
Worker, needle
Tier, knot (textile mfr)
Liner (fur garment mfr)
Machinist, overlock
Machinist, overlocking
Braider (clothing mfr)
Machinist, tailor's
Machinist, toy, soft
Machinist, jacquard
Machinist, vest
Maker, mat, wool
Tipper, umbrella
Maker, canopy
Finisher, umbrella
Maker, sleeve (clothing mfr)
Raiser and finisher (embroidery mfr)
Finisher, dress
Finisher, tailor's
Machinist, bartack
Machinist (textile mfr: hosiery mfr)
Machinist, quilting
Finisher, cap
Machinist, rug and blanket, horse
Maker, fichu
Mender, dress
Picker (textile mfr)
Worker, silk (greetings cards mfr)
Stitcher, hem
Foreman, room, sewing
Maker, sack and bag
Repairer, tent
Liner (clothing mfr)
Machinist, gown
Maker, tarpaulin
Seamer, corset
Maker, blanket
Machinist, leather (clothing mfr)
Examiner, heald
Finisher, gown
Machinist, bedding
Machinist, outerwear
Machinist, carpet
Sewer, hat
Topper (clothing mfr)
Maker, lining (clothing mfr)
Canvasser (clothing mfr)
Binder (hosiery, knitwear mfr)
Maker, bag, rod, fishing
Slipper (furniture mfr)
Machinist, buttonhole
Machinist, dressing, surgical
Mender, sack
Machinist, hand (clothing mfr)
Machinist, oilskin
Machinist, plain
Closer (clothing mfr)
Machinist (upholstering)
Machinist, sack
Hand, felling
Machinist, cap
Repairer, tarpaulin
Maker-up, hosiery
Piecer-up (clothing mfr)
Machinist, linen
Machinist, fancy
Sewer, piece
Mender, piece
Sewer (carpet, rug mfr)
Stitcher, ball, tennis
Seamer (clothing mfr)
Maker-up (umbrella, parasol mfr)
Padder (clothing mfr)
Maker-up (knitwear mfr)
Supervisor, cotton
Finisher (soft furnishings mfr)
Hand, sample (clothing mfr)
Machinist, felling
Maker, pyjama
Slipper, cushion
Machinist, hosiery
Binder (canvas goods mfr)
Machinist, lockstitch
Machinist, zigzag
Sewer (clothing mfr)
Machinist, stitching (footwear mfr)
Sewer (cloth mending)
Assistant, room, sewing
Hand, buttonhole
Worker, fabric
Hand, sewing
Hand, suspender
Mender (textile mfr)
Machinist, collar (clothing mfr)
Machinist, dress
Linker (textile mfr: hosiery, knitwear mfr)
Machinist, hand, repairer
Drawer, fine
Machinist, hemstitch
Operative, rosso
Pantographer (embroidery mfr)
Finisher (umbrella, parasol mfr)
Machinist, welt (clothing mfr)
Maker, suspender
Machinist, post (clothing mfr)
Finisher, collar