Sheet metal workers


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Sheet metal workers mark out, cut, shape and join sheet metal using hand or machine tools to make and repair sheet metal products and components (excluding vehicle bodywork).


Entrants typically possess GCSEs/S grades. Training is usually via apprenticeship including practical experience and technical training. Apprenticeships in Engineering Materials Processing, Engineering Assembly and Engineering Construction are available.

Typical tasks

  • examines drawings and specifications to assess job requirements;
  • uses template, measuring instruments and tools to mark out layout lines and reference points;
  • uses hand or machine tools to bend, roll, fold, press or beat cut sheet metal;
  • assembles prepared parts and joins them by bolting, welding or soldering;
  • finishes product by grinding, filing, cleaning and polishing;
  • repairs damaged metal parts such as copper sheets and tubes by beating, riveting, soldering, welding and fitting replacement parts;
  • checks final product to ensure conformity with specifications.

Common job titles

Maker, pot
Maker, panel
Finisher, metal
Worker, plate, zinc
Maker, trunk
Plater, last
Worker, sheet
Repairer, radiator
Maker, drawer
Mender, tank
Smith, iron, sheet
Worker, tin (sheet metal working)
Maker, hollow-ware
Man, tin (sheet metal working)
Smith, metal (gas meter mfr)
Planisher (sheet metal goods mfr)
Maker, keg
Wheeler (sheet metal working)
Worker, iron, sheet
Maker, box, tin
Straightener (sheet metal working)
Maker, pipe, organ
Builder, radiator, car
Maker, box
Maker, pattern, metal (footwear mfr)
Fabricator, metal, sheet
Plater (metal boot last mfr)
Maker, wing
Smith, white
Beater (metal trades)
Cutter, stencil (metal trades)
Maker, shim
Beater, panel (metal trades)
Maker, case, meter
Maker, pail
Manufacturer (sheet metal goods mfr)
Marker (sheet metal working)
Worker, plate, tin
Bruiser (enamel sign mfr)
Maker, drum
Worker, metal, sheet
Worker, zinc
Smith, tin
Maker, drum and keg
Maker, lamp, oil
Man, radiator
Maker, bucket
Smith, pan, copper
Straightener (vehicle mfr)
Maker, case, metal
Planisher, iron
Maker, canister
Repairer, container, freight
Maker, tray
Maker, plate, stencil
Maker, kettle
Smith, copper