Skilled metal, electrical and electronic trades supervisors


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Annual Survey of Hours and Earning 2018


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Skilled metal, electrical and electronic trades supervisors oversee operations and directly supervise and coordinate the activities of workers in skilled metal, electrical and electronic trades.


Academic qualifications may not be required, though some GCSEs/S grades or an equivalent qualification may be an advantage. NVQs/SVQs are available at Levels 1, 2 and 3. Apprenticeships combining practical work experience and technical training would be required together with significant, relevant work experience.

Typical tasks

  • directly supervises and coordinates the activities of skilled metal, electrical and electronic trades workers;
  • establishes and monitors work schedules to meet productivity requirements;
  • liaises with managers and other departments and contractors to resolve operational problems;
  • determines or recommends staffing and other needs to meet productivity requirements;
  • reports as required to managerial staff on departmental activities.

Common job titles

Foreman (garage)
Manager, room, tool
Foreman, lime (foundry)
Foreman, mechanical
Inspector, field (telecommunications)
Fitter, superintendent
Foreman (metal instrument mfr)
Foreman, foundry
Foreman, workshop
Foreman, shop, press (metal trades)
Foreman, mains (electricity supplier)
Foreman (railways: locomotive shop)
Foreman (steel fabrication)
Engineer, mechanical, colliery
Foreman, works (manufacturing)
Foreman (power tools mfr)
Inspector, maintenance (electricity supplier)
Foreman (metal stamping, piercing)
Engineer, assistant (telecommunications)
Foreman (railways: carriage, wagon dept)
Foreman, maintenance (transport)
Foreman (office machinery mfr)
Superintendent, engineering
Foreman (metal trades: assembling)
Foreman, garage
Foreman, forging
Manager, installation (security systems)
Foreman (machine shop)
Manager, workshops
Foreman (internal combustion engine mfr)
Supervisor, maintenance (manufacturing)
Foreman (signalling equipment)
Foreman (metal box mfr)
Superintendent (garage)
Foreman, maintenance, loco
Foreman (welding)
Observer, teeming
Foreman, shop, erecting (engineering)
Foreman, shop, body
Foreman (electrical contracting)
Inspector (telecommunications: engineering dept)
Foreman, shop (coal mine)
Foreman, room, tool
Inspector (telecommunications: telephone dept)
Electrician, chief
Inspector of shipwrights
Foreman, electrical
Foreman, shop, auto
Foreman, engineering
Foreman (railways: motive power dept)
Foreman (forging)
Foreman, general (manufacturing)
Supervisor, craft (oil refining)
Foreman, bodyshop
Foreman (coach building)
Supervisor, electrical
Controller, workshop (garage)
Superintendent (metal trades)
Foreman, instrument
Foreman, shop, machine
Engineer, charge (coal mine)
Engineer, electrical, colliery
Foreman (metal pressing)
Foreman, electronics
Foreman, maintenance (electricity supplier)
Foreman, factory (telecommunications)
Inspector, installation (telecommunications)
Foreman, yard, ship
Mechanic, electro, chief
Leader, team, electrical
Foreman, tool, press
Manager, service (garage)
Foreman (metal smallwares)
Foreman, shop, panel
Foreman, shop (engineering)
Manager, workshop
Foreman (hydraulic pump mfr)
Foreman, building, coach
Inspector of electrical fitters
Foreman, installation, electrical
Foreman (shipbuilding)
Foreman (small tools mfr)
Superintendent (engineering)
Foreman, welding
Foreman, stamping
Foreman, cable
Tuner, head
Mechanic, electro, district
Inspector, signal (railways)
Foreman (aero-engine mfr)
Foreman (transformers and switchgear mfr)
Foreman (electronic equipment mfr)
Superintendent, electrical
Supervisor, service (electrical engineering)
Foreman, maintenance (telecommunications)
Engineer, superintendent
Inspector, telephones
Foreman (railways: signal and telecommunications)
Foreman (sheet metal working)
Superintendent, maintenance (manufacturing)
Inspector of electricians
Foreman (radio, television, video mfr)
Foreman, overhauling, vehicle
Foreman (tool room)
Inspector of fitters
Foreman, shop, casting
Foreman (lamp, valve mfr)
Foreman, senior (manufacturing)
Foreman, maintenance (manufacturing)
Inspector, engineering (telecommunications)
Foreman, maintenance, electrical
Supervisor, chief, senior (telecommunications)
Foreman, piercing
Foreman, lines, overhead
Foreman, press (metal trades)
Inspector of mechanics
Foreman (electricity supplier)
Foreman (telecommunications)
Gaffer (film, television production)
Supervisor, service
Inspector, civils (telecommunications)
Inspector, signal and telecommunications (railways)
Foreman (foundry)
Foreman (press tool mfr)
Foreman-ganger (telecommunications)