Smiths and forge workers

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Smiths and forge workers operate or direct the operation of power hammers and presses to shape heated metal to requirements and to make and repair a variety of metal articles by heating, hammering and bending.


There are no formal academic entry requirements. Training is usually via apprenticeships administered by professional associations and lasting up to four years. Apprenticeships incorporate technical training and practical experience and lead to recognised awards and membership of professional bodies.

Typical tasks

  • reads and interprets order or blueprint to determine operational requirements;
  • heats or supervises the heating in furnace of metal to be forged;
  • positions or directs the positioning of heated metal on anvil or other work surface;
  • operates or directs operation of press or hammer and repositions workpiece between strokes;
  • uses special forging tools to shape and cut metal as required;
  • bends or shapes metal by hand forging methods using hammers, punches, drifts and other hand tools;
  • tempers and hardens forged pieces, as required, by quenching in oil or water;
  • fits and secures horses shoes.

Common job titles

Maker, knife
Shaper (clog iron mfr)
Smith, coach
Fitter, gate
Maker, spring, railway
Smith, pan (salt mfr)
Stamper, metal, hot
Machinist, spring, coach
Drawer, pick
Worker, iron, ornamental
Presser, forge
Maker, wedge
Setter, axle
Smith, tool
Stamper (rolling mill)
Presser, hydraulic (forging)
Presser, fly (forging)
Plater, tool, edge
Smith, pan, salt
Setter (metal cutlery mfr)
Maker, spring (railway locomotive mfr)
Stamper, hammer
Stamper, drop (forging)
Smith, coil (spring mfr)
Stamper (metal tube fittings mfr)
Presser, steel
Maker, tool, chasing
Maker, bolt
Repairer, chain
Stamper (galvanised sheet mfr)
Straightener, axle
Tyreman (railways)
Plater, shovel
Maker, cable, chain
Sharpener, gear (mining)
Maker, spade
Stamper, metal (forging)
Drawer (forging)
Repairer, spring
Plater, hoe
Presser (rolling mill)
Worker, iron, wrought
Hooper, wheel
Fitter, spring (forging)
Maker, spring, laminated
Smith, engineering
Presser (forging)
Splitter, fork (digging fork mfr)
Bender, spring (spring mfr)
Fitter, gate and railings
Maker, chain (forging)
Stamper, tool, edge
Plater (edge tool mfr)
Bender, iron
Maker, tool, edge
Necker, flyer
Maker, file
Maker, spring, leaf
Stamper, hot
Maker, shoe, horse
Maker, tool, hand
Maker, scythe
Repairer, propeller
Stamper, drop, hot
Maker, shovel
Presser, hot (metal trades)
Maker, pick
Maker, coupling
Stamper (forging)
Necker, fly
Plater (metal cutlery mfr)
Maker, bolster
Shoer, horse
Legger, flyer
Maker, spring (carriage, wagon mfr)
Stamper, brass, hot