Social services managers and directors


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Social services managers and directors plan, organise, direct and co-ordinate the resources necessary to protect the welfare of certain groups within local authorities including children and young people, families under stress, people with disabilities, elderly people and people needing help as a result of illness.


Entry is usually through internal promotion for those with the appropriate professional qualifications and relevant experience. Post-qualifying professional qualifications and in-service training are available.

Typical tasks

  • provides leadership and management to ensure services are delivered in accordance with statutory requirements and in line with the local authority social services department’s policies and procedures;
  • determines staffing, financial, material and other short and long-term needs;
  • plans work schedules, assigns tasks and delegates responsibilities of social services staff;
  • monitors and evaluates departmental performance with a view to improving social service provision;
  • studies and advises upon changes in legislation that will impact upon social service provision;
  • liaises with representatives of other relevant agencies.

Common job titles

Manager, services, children's (social, welfare services)
Manager, support (local government: social services:
Manager, engagement, community
Manager (local government: social services)
Manager, work, social
Manager, locality (local government: social services)
Manager, services, social
Manager, service (local government: social services)
Manager, unit (local government: social services:
Manager, foyer (local government: social services)
Manager, involvement, community
Manager, care (local government: social services)
Manager, people, supporting (local government)
Manager (welfare services)
Secretary, managing (welfare services)
Manager, care, community
Manager, services, community
Manager, service (welfare services)
Director of social services