Stock control clerks and assistants


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Stock control clerks and assistants receive orders from customers, prepare requisitions or despatch documents for ordered goods, maintain and update records, files and other correspondence in relation to the storage and despatch of goods.


There are no minimum academic requirements, although entrants usually possess GCSEs/S grades. Training is usually provided on-the-job. NVQs/ SVQs in relevant areas are available at Levels 2 and 3.

Typical tasks

  • receives and checks in deliveries from suppliers or completed stock to be despatched to customers;
  • allocates appropriate storage space in accordance with stock control and space utilisation policies;
  • receives enquiries and orders from customers, and quotes prices, discounts, delivery dates and other relevant information;
  • prepares requisitions, consignments and other despatch documents;
  • checks requisitions against stock records and forwards to issuing department;
  • adjusts stock records as orders are received, reports on damaged stock and prepares requisitions to replenish damaged stock.

Common job titles

Clerk, warehouse
Controller, supplies
Officer, supply (chemical mfr)
Officer, control, stock
Recorder, stock
Chaser (manufacturing)
Officer, supply (engineering)
Superintendent, progress
Inspector of storehousemen
Clerk, control, material
Administrator, parts
Compiler, order
Clerk, progress
Stocktaker, chief (steelworks)
Superintendent, cargo
Assistant, publisher's
Superintendent, stores
Chaser, stock
Manager, room, stock
Analyst, inventory
Clerk, inventory
Clerk, despatch
Planner, materials
Officer, materials
Taker, stock
Superintendent, store
Controller, inventory
Supervisor, room, stock
Superintendent, warehouse
Controller, accounting, stock
Administrator, stores
Controller, shift
Administrator, warehouse
Clerk, inwards, goods
Controller, sabre
Controller, programme
Coordinator, goods-in
Assistant, pharmacy (hospital service)
Clerk, production
Officer, store, assistant (MOD)
Inspector, inwards, goods
Chaser, production
Controller, warehouse
Controller, materials
Controller, order
Supplier, parts
Controller, pallet
Assistant, merchandise
Officer, fuel
Supervisor, inwards, goods
Administrator, stock
Manager, line, front (warehousing)
Assistant, control, stock
Clerk, depot
Taker, stock, chief (steelworks)
Clerk, booking, warehouse
Leader, team, control, stock
Superintendent, depot
Controller, despatch
Superintendent, supplies (PO)
Controller, works
Superintendent, supplies, chief (PO)
Controller, spares
Man, sample
Officer, stores, grade I (MOD)
Controller, stock
Clerk, stock
Supervisor, parts
Clerk, inward, goods
Officer, control, materials (coal mine)
Assistant, stock
Auditor, stock
Chaser, progress
Operator, depot
Clerk, order
Supervisor, stock
Clerk, stores
Assistant, materials
Controller, supply
Coordinator, spares
Clerk, records, stores
Clerk, tally, timber
Controller, room, stock
Master, quarter
Planner, progress
Controller, manufacturing
Assistant, operations
Clerk, in, goods
Inspector, stores, chief
Assistant, chain, supply
Manager, room, pattern
Clerk, processing, order
Assistant, room, stock
Coordinator, chain, supply
Officer, stores
Salesman, powder (mining)
Processor, order
Administrator, production
Inspector, depot
Manager, spares
Clerk, storekeeper's
Clerk, control, inventory
Coordinator, materials
Keeper, store, chief
Engineer, spares
Clerk, goods-in
Controller, parts
Inspector, cargo
Clerk, control, stock
Administrator, inventory
Supplier, material
Clerk, pricing
Operator, entry, order
Clerk, stockroom
Supervisor, order
Officer, loans, medical
Coordinator, stores
Clerk, records, stock
Inspector, stores
Scheduler, materials
Officer, distribution (coal mine)
Clerk, booking, stores
Coordinator, warehouse
Assistant, room, store
Officer, supply, fuel
Inspector, despatch
Officer, stores (MOD)
Controller, goods
Officer, store (MOD)
Controller, planning
Processor, stock
Supervisor, tool
Controller, material
Controller, depot
Controller, shop (metal trades)
Superintendent (storage)
Inspector, receiving, goods
Controller, stores

Education background

Destination of Leavers survey, supplied by the Higher Education Statistics.