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Taxation experts advise on tax matters and assess tax liabilities.


Entry is possible with GCSEs/S grades or a BTEC/ SQA award, although many entrants possess a degree or equivalent qualification. A professional qualification is required in either accountancy or taxation. Training is undertaken on-the-job and usually takes approximately four years to complete.

Typical tasks

  • examines accounts of industrial, commercial and other establishments to determine their tax liability and makes adjustments to claims where necessary;
  • considers particular problems concerning all forms of personal and company taxation;
  • stays abreast of all changes in tax law and precedent;
  • discusses disputed cases with accountants and other specialists;
  • represents Government, client or employer in contested claims before tax officials or an independent tribunal.

Common job titles

Manager, tax
Consultant, taxation
Senior, taxation
Partner, tax
Specialist, taxation
Inspector (HM Revenue and Customs)
Consultant, VAT
Accountant, taxation
Adviser, tax
Officer, compliance (HM Revenue and Customs)
Supervisor, tax
Manager, taxation
Senior, tax
Accountant, tax
Adviser, VAT
Inspector, district (HM Revenue and Customs)
Manager, VAT
Practitioner, taxation
Adviser, taxation
Inspector of taxes
Practitioner, tax
Inspector, VAT (HM Revenue and Customs)
Technician, taxation
Supervisor, taxation
Investigator (HM Revenue and Customs)
Analyst, tax
Inspector, tax
Technician, tax
Consultant, tax

Education background

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