Teaching and other educational professionals n.e.c.


Average Annual Pay

Annual Survey of Hours and Earning 2017


Average Weekly Hours

Annual Survey of Hours and Earning 2015


Unemployment Rate

Labour Force Survey 2018

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Job holders in this unit group perform a variety of other education and teaching occupations not elsewhere classified in MINOR GROUP 231: Teaching and Educational Professionals.


Entry is possible with a variety of academic qualifications, professional qualifications and/or relevant experience.

Typical tasks

  • designs and implements methods of assessing the performance of students, co-ordinates and undertakes the evaluation of assessments and awards grades of merit based upon performance;
  • co-ordinates the activities of private music and dancing schools, training centres and similar establishments;
  • provides private academic, vocational and other instruction to individuals or groups;
  • teaches English as a foreign language and assists in the tuition of foreign languages.

Common job titles

Organiser, education, adult
Consultant, education
Adviser, years, early
Manager (children's nursery)
Officer, examinations (examination board)
Owner (school: secondary)
Teacher, music
Principal (training establishment)
Manager, school, nursery
Tutor, private
Teacher, English as a second language
Marker, exam
Teacher, centre, education, adult
Consultant, years, early
Principal, school
Instructor, staff, senior
Lecturer, dance
Assistant, language
Tutor, home
Instructor, music
Organiser (adult education centre)
Owner (school: primary)
Tutor, education, adult
Manager, school, language
Lecturer, ESOL
Teacher, EFL
Teacher, music, instrumental
Officer, support, teaching
Owner (school: nursery)
Owner, nursery, children's
Owner (nursery: children's)
Principal (adult education centre)
Teacher, English for specific purposes
Teacher, ESP
Verifier (educational establishments)
Manager, care, child (day nursery)
Owner (school: dancing)
Teacher of English as a foreign language
Teacher, music, peripatetic
Manager, childcare
Coordinator, teaching
Examiner (examination board)
Owner (school: language)
Teacher (hospital service)
Owner, school, dancing
Tutor, ESOL
Manager, pre-school
Principal (dancing school)
Owner, school, language
Consultant, educational
Manager, nursery (day nursery)
Teacher, ESOL
Teacher, music, private
Teacher (adult education centre)
Teacher, singing
Adviser, teaching, years, early (local government, social inclusion dept)
Moderator (examination board)
Tutor (adult education centre)

Education background

Destination of Leavers survey, supplied by the Higher Education Statistics.