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Educational support assistants work with teachers to provide one-to-one support for children with particular learning needs.


Academic qualifications may be required by some employers, although entry is possible with relevant experience alone. CRB clearance is mandatory.

Typical tasks

  • supports schoolwork under teacher’s supervision;
  • helps child understand instruction through a variety of means and encourages self-confidence and independence;
  • identifies signs of distress and offers reassurance;
  • implements care programmes, as appropriate;
  • helps and encourages child to communicate;
  • attends to child’s physical needs;
  • provides feedback to teachers and completes and maintains records.

Common job titles

Assistant, schools, special
Officer, care, education
Worker, support, behaviour
Assistant, needs, special (educational establishments)
Assistant, needs, special, schools
Worker, welfare (schools)
Worker, support, pastoral
Assistant, school, special
Worker, support, learning
Assistant, teaching, needs, special
Auxiliary, needs, special
Assistant, support, learning
Assistant, integration (schools)
Assistant, teaching, SEN
Worker, support (educational establishments)
Taker, note (educational establishments)
Worker, ancillary (educational establishments)
Assistant, non-teaching (schools)
Assistant, welfare, school
Assistant, support, special, schools
Worker, support, communication (educational establishments)
Assistant, support, behaviour
Assistant, support, education
Helper, needs, special (educational establishments)
Assistant, welfare (schools)
Assistant, support (educational establishments)
Assistant, teaching
Assistant, support, individual

Education background

Destination of Leavers survey, supplied by the Higher Education Statistics.