Textile process operatives


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Job holders in this unit group operate machines to prepare natural and synthetic fibres for processing, spin and twist fibre into yarn, thread, twine, rope and other similar material, and estimate the quantities of colouring matter required for printing and dyeing fabrics.


There are no formal academic entry requirements. Training is typically provided on-the-job. NVQs/ SVQs in Manufacturing Textiles are available at Levels 1, 2 and 3.

Typical tasks

  • sets controls, starts machinery and monitors the passage of material processed;
  • replenishes the supply of input fibres, removes and replaces full output packages, cards and spools;
  • detects blockages, tangled thread, defective or broken material, and joins broken ends by hand or mechanical knotting;
  • checks quality of completed material, marks any flaws and removes badly damaged sections;
  • examines colour cards or specifications, estimates quantity of colouring material needed to print or dye fibre and calculates and mixes ingredients accordingly;
  • stretches, shrinks, brushes, dampens and presses fabric and shears or burns off protruding fabric fibres as required;
  • cleans and oils machine, detects and reports mechanical faults to technicians.

Common job titles

Foreman, colour (carpet, rug mfr)
Raiser, blanket
Splicer, yarn
Filler, battery (textile mfr)
Winder, doubler (textile mfr)
Operative, room, blowing
Assistant, calender (textile mfr)
Tippler (flax, hemp mfr)
Plater-down (textile making-up)
Fitter (net, rope mfr)
Worker, bobbin, bottle
Preparer, yarn
Miller (hair, fibre dressing)
Grinder, cylinder (textile mfr)
Controller, humidity
Machinist, raising
Overhauler (rag sorting)
Doubler, asbestos
Winder, cloth (oil cloth mfr)
Breeder (fishing net mfr)
Cleaner, lace
Dryer, wool
Pegger (textile weaving)
Spreader, rubber (textile mfr)
Tenter, rover
Hand, frame (hosiery, knitwear mfr)
Layer (rope, twine mfr)
Machinist, shrinking
Setter, yarn
Sizer and dryer, back
Assistant, house, dye
Grinder, flock
Minder, frame, roving
Overlooker (textile mfr: textile warping)
Slabber (textile mfr)
Fitter, net
Machinist, running-down
Machinist, spanishing (leathercloth mfr)
Trimmer and finisher (hosiery, knitwear mfr)
Winder, wool
Cutter, velvet
Coner, wood
Minder, comb
Miller, woollen
Machinist, spreader
Foreman, mule
Reeler, bobbin
Hand, calender, fabric
Looper (wool spinning)
Pegger, barrel (textile mfr)
Felter (textile mfr)
Rover, dandy
Carder, speed
Carboniser, piece
Baller (wool combing)
Twiner (textile mfr)
Calenderer (canvas hosepipe mfr)
Twister, machine
Screener (textile mfr)
Twister, doubling
Mixer, cotton
Scourer, wool
Lapper, cotton
Tenter, opener
Maker, grommet
Reeler, twist
Machinist, hopper
Winder, engine (textile mfr)
Twister-up (textile mfr)
Rigger and roller
Tenter, joiner
Putter-in (textile mfr)
Winder, twist
Blender (wool blending)
Winder, spool (textile mfr)
Wirer, card (carpet, rug mfr)
Bumper (hat mfr)
Machinist, combing (textile spinning)
Machinist, rope
Machinist, forming (twine mfr)
Machinist, scutcher
Machinist, tufting (carpet, rug mfr)
Glosser, silk
Minder, can
Winder, bit (textile mfr)
Twister, cop
Roller, bandage
Boiler (textile finishing)
Feeder, engine (textile mfr)
Foreman, blowing
Fixer, net
Doubler, warp
Finisher, can (worsted mfr)
Finisher, cloth
Machinist, textile
Reelerman (roofing felt mfr)
Washer, wool
Dodger (textile finishing)
Winder, ribbon
Manufacturer (rope, twine mfr)
Finisher, bleach (textile mfr)
Dryer, clip (textile mfr)
Driver, gig
Machinist, randing
Finisher, fabric
Setter, press (textile finishing)
Tenter, slubber
Finisher, blanket
Finisher, stove
Minder, rover
Presser, hot (textile finishing)
Machinist, hair, horse
Spindler, ribbon
Piecer-out (flax, hemp mfr)
Tenter, hardener, flat
Drawer, card
Creper, silk
Jobber, carding
Drawer, wool
Machinist, hardening
Washer, body (hat mfr)
Cutter, thrum
Machinist, ageing
Winder, ring
Assistant, stretcher
Puller, silk
Attendant, picker, waste
Minder, motion
Machinist, closing (rope, twine mfr)
Maker, gimp
Man, vessel (textile bleaching, dyeing)
Tenter, lap
Washer (textile mfr)
Boiler, oil (oilskin mfr)
Machinist, healding
Stripper, bobbin
Purifier (flock merchants)
Foreman, winding
Twister-on (textile mfr)
Opener, bale (textile mfr:
Feltman (roofing felt mfr)
Machinist, washing (textile mfr)
Teazer (textile mfr)
Batter, felt
Attendant, frame, twist
Blower, fur
Machinist, tenterer
Sizer, yarn
Penciller (textile mfr)
Polisher, fibre
Machinist, medicating
Crofter (textile mfr)
Winder, bobbin (textile mfr)
Dresser, bristle
Man, boiling-off
Operative, drawtwist, nylon
Cleaner, rag
Cutter, card (textile mfr)
Feeder, stenter
Changer, frame
Machinist, house (twine mfr)
Operator, card, cotton
Disintegrator (asbestos composition goods mfr)
Embosser (textile mfr)
Washer, cloth (textile mfr)
Mounter, card, pattern
Cutler, cloth
Oiler (canvas goods mfr)
Machinist, pulling, rag
Calculator, colour
Minder, bowl, scouring
Shifter (jute spinning)
Stripper and buncher
Throwster (textile mfr)
Condenser (textile mfr)
Plater (textile mfr)
Machinist, balling (textile mfr)
Winder, thread (textile mfr)
Hand, stenter
Tenter, cotton
Worker, factory (textile mfr)
Feltman (textile mfr)
Dodger, can
Drawer, yarn
Rigger and plaiter
Combiner (canvas goods mfr)
Trapper, wool
Driver, assistant (textile spinning)
Machinist, spooling
Manufacturer (textile mfr)
Perforator, card (jacquard card cutting)
Blender (oilskin mfr)
Padder (textile mfr)
Minder, scutcher
Respreader (silk mfr)
Cutter, hemp
Cutter, manilla
Machinist, gimping
Spinner, fuse, safety
Finisher, silk
Crimper (textile mfr)
Maker, lanyard
Minder, frame
Tenter, frame, cheesing
Dryer (textile mfr)
Operative, hosiery
Spinner, cord
Shearer (carpet, rug mfr)
Washer (hat mfr)
Pleater (textile mfr)
Reeler (textile mfr)
Dryer, yarn
Pegger, bobbin
Straightener (textile mfr: hosiery mfr)
Thrower, rayon
Dubber (textile mfr)
Machinist, plaiting (rope, twine mfr)
Reducer (wool drawing)
Doffer, ring
Machinist, bobbin
Worker, garnet
Man, fibre (asbestos-cement goods mfr)
Tufter (carpet, rug mfr)
Cutter, bobbin
Cutter, fibre
Cutter, scallop
Setter, spool
Machinist, breadthening
Finisher, plush
Machinist, bullion
Spinner, thread
Spreader (textile mfr)
Operator, calender (textile mfr)
Machinist, ragging
Buncher (textile mfr)
Blower (cotton mfr)
Filler, braid
Minder, joiner
Machinist, tube (silk mfr)
Scalloper (textile mfr)
Assistant, dyer's (textile mfr)
Builder, harness (textile mfr)
Washer, rag (textile mfr)
Filler, scribble
Stiffener, hat, straw
Oiler, silk
Worker, cloth (textile finishing)
Picker, roller
Attendant, jigger (asbestos opening)
Cleaner (silk throwing)
Extractor, hydro
Reeler, twine
Setter (textile mfr)
Winder, warp
Machinist, coating (textile mfr)
Twister and drawer
Brusher (hosiery, knitwear mfr)
Machinist, twisting (textile mfr)
Assembler, yarn
Jobber, card
Legger (hosiery finishing)
Braider (textile smallwares mfr)
Blocker (textile mfr)
Milner (textile finishing)
Worker, process (textile mfr)
Machinist, dressing, fibre
Preparer (textile mfr)
Setter, tube (textile mfr)
Hand, mill (hair, fibre dressing)
Proofer, water (rubber goods mfr)
Cleaner, bobbin
Master, card
Mate, splicer's, rope
Twister, sprig
Shrinker, London
Extractor (textile mfr)
Oiler, wool
Collector, tow
Setter (carpet, rug mfr)
Tier-on (textile mfr)
Splitter, cloth
Twister, spinning
Stamper, card (textile mfr)
Stretcher, yarn
Machinist, folding (textile mfr)
Soaper, rope
Spinner (paper twine mfr)
Foreman, room, card
Straightener (textile mfr: flax, hemp mfr)
Foreman, room, blowing
Hand, room, blowing
Machinist, looming
Mistress, doffing
Pegger, card
Threader, bobbin
Splicer, rope
Puncher, card (textile mfr)
Layer, bobbin
Machinist, felt, needleloom
Maker, cord
Foreman, carding
Presser, stuff
Filler, hopper (textile mfr)
Trimmer, fibre
Hand, glove
Grinder, jute
Alterer, pattern (carpet, rug mfr)
Puller, rag
Raiser (textile finishing)
Steriliser (textile mfr)
Needler (textile making-up)
Minder, stenter
Winder, slip
Guarder (net, rope mfr)
Reacher (textile mfr)
Carder, head
Brusher (carpet, rug mfr)
Minder, front
Taper (textile mfr)
Scourer, piece
Finisher, carpet
Dresser, woollen
Winder, beam
Dresser, bag
Processor, textile
Trapper (textile mfr)
Breaker, can
Knotter (textile mfr)
Beater (textile finishing)
Worker, frame, hand
Scourer, cloth
Strander (rope, twine mfr)
Crabber (textile mfr)
Tenter, comber
Tenter, padding
Layer, drum
Former, strand
Winder, rubber
Feeder, scutcher
Putter-on, band
Worker, process (felt mfr)
Operator, willey
Tenter, back (textile mfr)
Shaker, waste
Operator, winder, fibreglass
Dresser, warp
Opener, asbestos
Foreman, frame
Presser, hydraulic (textile mfr)
Tenter, inter
Tenter, picker
Machinist, polishing (velvet mfr)
Trimmer, fancy (broom, brush mfr)
Operator, lathe (industrial felt mfr)
Barker (rope, twine mfr)
Cleaner, machine (textile mfr)
Finisher, woollen
Dresser, fibre
Man, coating (roofing felt mfr)
Braider (cordage mfr)
Foreman, doubler
Taker-out, can (textile mfr)
Setter, chain
Beamer (textile mfr)
Washer, brush
Winder, jute
Maker, halter
Calenderer (textile mfr)
Filler, silk
Machinist, sizing (textile mfr)
Curler, yarn
Weigher and finisher, coil (asbestos rope mfr)
Tucker (textile mfr)
Grinder, shoddy
Machinist, bumping
Spinner, rope
Machinist, tying, warp
Minder, card
Spreader (leathercloth mfr)
Blender, shade
Fixer, pattern
Operator, frame, spinning
Spinner, doffer, self
Doubler (textile mfr)
Tier, warp
Carder, hair
Cutter, cloth (textile mfr)
Opener, fibre
Tenter, draw
Hand, dolly
Hand, card and drawing
Damper (textile mfr)
Winder, clear
Gaiter, beam
Calenderman (textile mfr)
Coiler, rope
Filler, shuttle
Assistant, matcher's, colour
Former, lap
Machinist, drying (textile mfr)
Maker, top (textile mfr)
Puncher, piano (jacquard card cutting)
Picker, silk
Presser and threader
Preparer, warp
Mixer (felt hood mfr)
Skeiner (textile mfr)
Grinder, asbestos
Winder, card
Machinist, ribbon, typewriter
Operator, knife, band (textile mfr)
Hardener, wool
Inker, ribbon, typewriter
Puncher, jacquard
Tuber (rope, twine mfr)
Printer, wax (textile mfr)
Lacer (textile weaving)
Tenter, scutcher
Crimper (flax, hemp mfr)
Filler, back
Laminator (textile mfr)
Attendant, rotary
Hand, back (leathercloth mfr)
Piecer, twiner
Winder, tape (electrical engineering)
Blower (textile finishing)
Raiser, cloth
Baller, cross
Dryer, rag
Forehand (rope, twine mfr)
Twister, single
Man, stenter
Assistant, spinner's (textile mfr)
Dryer, cloth
Alterer, loom
Filler, box (textile mfr)
Machinist, lap
Rover, asbestos
Presser, flat (pressed woollen felt mfr)
Rigger (textile mfr)
Machinist, stretching
Twister-in (textile mfr)
Minder, frame, lap
Knotter, warp
Machinist, stranding (rope, twine mfr)
Tier-on, warp
Washer, yarn
Man, mule
Blender (carpet, rug mfr)
Soapstoner (roofing felt mfr)
Drawer, cloth (textile finishing)
Coner (textile mfr)
Attendant, loom
Machinist, cropping
Attendant, board, spread
Giller (textile mfr)
Clearer (cotton doubling)
Scolloper (lace mfr)
Tenter, condenser
Layer (textile spinning)
Winder, cheese
Foreman (surgical dressing mfr)
Carboniser, cloth
Feeder, woollen
Carboniser, wool
Minder, jack
Tenter, speed
Finisher, belt (textile mfr)
Creaser (textile mfr)
Hand, mill (textile mfr)
Breaker, waste
Filler, tin (textile mfr)
Machinist, singeing
Cleaner, piece
Cutter, wiper
Stripper, rag
Former (felt hat mfr)
Dresser (textile mfr)
Man, frame (rope, twine mfr)
Foreman, scribbling
Stripper, yarn
Texturer, yarn
Taker-in (textile weaving)
Machinist, souring
Miller, blanket
Setter, carpet
Finisher (textile mfr)
Man, heald
Spinner, fly
Brusher, flannelette
Winder, drum
Targer (flax, hemp mfr)
Reeler and lacer
Brusher, cloth (textile finishing)
Washer, back (textile mfr)
Attendant, box, gill
Machinist, carding
Maker, mantlet
Drawer-off (textile mfr)
Polisher (textile mfr)
Machinist, condenser (textile mfr)
Reacher-in (textile mfr)
Attendant, roll, milling
Curler, soft
Winder, ball (textile mfr)
Cleaner, pirn
Stripper, cloth
Twister, warp
Polisher (straw hat mfr)
Washer, hair, horse
Winder, double (textile mfr)
Steamer, silk
Machinist, scouring (textile mfr)
Hand, jobbing (rope, twine mfr)
Assistant, room, blowing
Spinner, ring
Tenterer (textile mfr)
Tinter (textile mfr)
Doffer and setter
Finisher, lace
Taker-off, bobbin
Cleaner, warp (textile mfr)
Tuber, mule
Operator, guillotine (pressed woollen felt mfr)
Backer (fustian, velvet mfr)
Dresser, silk
Maker, pattern (jacquard card cutting)
Hardener, felt
Machinist, hanking
Major, blow
Minder, frame, cheesing
Wiper, bobbin
Machinist, pressing (textile mfr)
Developer (textile mfr)
Coverer, rubber (surgical dressing mfr)
Tarrer, bag
Slinger (textile mfr)
Preparer, hair
Stretcher, dry (textile mfr)
Cleaner, loom
Stripper, pirn
Doubler, ring
Cleaner (textile finishing)
Machinist, coating (carpet, rug mfr)
Machinist, ring
Scutcher (textile mfr)
Spinner (mining, safety fuse mfr)
Topper (cord mfr)
Matcher, yarn
Maker, twine
Foreman, ring
Dresser, sack
Mixer, size (textile mfr)
Opener (textile mfr)
Perforator (jacquard card cutting)
Filler, rag
Operator, loom
Minder, bowl, wash (textile mfr)
Feeder, carder
Foreman (asbestos mfr)
Pre-boarder (hosiery, knitwear mfr)
Setter, teasel
Tenter, frame, copping
Attendant, teaser
Trimmer, bristle
Sprayer, steam
Sizer, tape
Man, back (textile mfr)
Tenter, mule
Leaser (textile mfr)
Twister, ring
Worker, mill, asbestos
Attendant, centrifugal (textile mfr)
Machinist (textile mfr)
Feeder, wool
Banker (yarn warping)
Hand, leading (textile mfr)
Knotter, reel
Operator, stenter
Ripper, rag
Ender (textile mfr)
Coiler (rope, twine mfr)
Foreman, comber
Setter, teazle
Feeder, bowl
Hand, room, card
Springer, heald
Operator, garnett
Driver, stenter
Clearer, warp
Steamer (straw hat mfr)
Foreman, wool
Drawer-in (textile mfr)
Machinist, piping (textile smallwares mfr)
Maker, string
Maker, trimming (tinsel mfr)
Presser, yarn
Oiler and cleaner (textile mfr)
Alterer (textile mfr)
Ripper, muslin
Machinist, shearing (textile mfr)
Braider, twine (fishing net mfr)
Roller, piece
Spinner, silk
Finisher, rug
Hand, card
Drawer, worsted
Grinder, rag
Gaiter (textile spinning)
Mounter (net, rope mfr)
Rander (twine mfr)
Stripper, wool
Tenter, throstle
Tenter, braid (silk mfr)
Assistant, stenterer's
Hand, calender (leathercloth mfr)
Filler, bank (textile mfr)
Man, room, carding
Attendant, converter, tow-to-top
Manufacturer, textile
Washer, silk
Winder, weight
Braider (fishing net mfr)
Machinist, braid
Minder, punch
Pinner-on (textile mfr)
Blender, colour (textile spinning)
Sprayer (textile finishing)
Tenter, box
Brusher (wool spinning)
Dresser, yarn
Tenter, engine (textile mfr)
Spinner, crimp
Pegger, dobby
Cutter, dress
Breaker, cotton
Piecer (textile mfr)
Tier-in (textile mfr)
Cropper (textile mfr)
Hanker (textile mfr)
Changer, card
Miller, felt
Pickler (textile mfr)
Spinner, gill
Machinist, drawing (textile mfr)
Coater, hand (oilskin mfr)
Tenter, back, frame (textile mfr)
Tenter, ribbon
Cleaner, waste
Twister, patent
Attendant, calender
Twister, worsted
Machinist, gilling
Machinist (leathercloth mfr)
Piecer, waste
Braider, asbestos
Preparer, jute
Feeder-in (textile mfr)
Proofer (rubber goods mfr)
Shearer, cloth
Maker, chain (textile mfr)
Winder, coloured
Machinist, shrinking, hood, felt
Maker, candlewick
Cutter, pile
Operative, combing (textile mfr)
Machinist, winding (textile mfr)
Boarder (hosiery, knitwear mfr)
Splitter (textile mfr)
Shaker (textile mfr)
Drafter, slipper
Minder, condenser
Stripper, cop
Teazer, shoddy
Washer, feather
Maker, thread
Pinner (textile mfr)
Worker, process (leathercloth mfr)
Piecer, silk
Crabber, yorkshire
Tenter, frame, twisting
Washerman (textile mfr)
Manager, drawing (textile mfr)
Maker, core (rope, twine mfr)
Carder (textile mfr)
Machinist, cutting (textile mfr)
Tankman (textile mfr)
Handler, stone (broom, brush mfr)
Foreman (textile mfr)
Machinist, brushing, cross
Foreman, drawing (textile mfr)
Machinist, brushing (textile mfr)
Minder, side
Roller (textile mfr)
Picker-up (textile mfr)
Conditioner (textile mfr)
Presser, cloth
Twister, cap (textile mfr)
Opener, piece (textile mfr)
Washer, felt
Foreman (carpet, rug mfr)
Trimmer, cloth
Blender, rag
Twister, yarn
Embosser, cloth
Foreman (leathercloth mfr)
Lapper (textile mfr)
Minder, finisher
Sweeper, loom
Putter-on (textile spinning)
Willower (textile mfr)
Attendant, room, blowing
Maker, fender, ship's
Winder, doubling
Man, mill (textile finishing)
Washer, blanket (blanket mfr)
Matcher, colour (textile mfr)
Winder, silk, raw
Mixer (asbestos composition goods mfr)
Gigger (textile finishing)
Scourer (textile mfr)
Machinist, warping
Brusher, roller
Machinist, stiffening
Rigger-up (textile mfr)
Tenter, slubbing
Tenter, can
Filler (textile mfr)
Twister (textile mfr)
Pleater, accordion
Reeler, rope
Cleaner, bristle
Twister, twine
Helper (textile mfr: textile weaving)
Settler (hat mfr)
Miller, dry (textile mfr)
Minder, twister
Racker (textile finishing)
Spinner, paper (cellulose film mfr)
Carboniser, rag
Tenter, frame, ring
Tenter, jack
Loomer and twister
Assistant, stenter
Winder (textile mfr)
Clipper, cloth
Machinist, knotting (textile mfr)
Piecer, ring
Winder, weft
Dryer, hair
Polisher, twine
Rover, cone
Filler, card
Baker (textile mfr)
Batcher (textile finishing)
Dryer, felt
Piecer, cross
Drafter (broom, brush mfr)
Maker-up (textile mfr)
Hand, plate (rope, twine mfr)
Machinist, damping (textile mfr)
Machinist, roller (textile mfr)
Operator, multi-roller
Foreman (typewriter ribbon mfr)
Machinist, rolling (textile mfr)
Puncher, card (jacquard card cutting)
Sizer (textile mfr)
Tenter, derby
Threader, heald
Presser, rotary (textile mfr)
Waterman (textile mfr)
Finisher, piece
Man, shoddy
Spinner, frame
Hand, hosiery
Presser (textile mfr)
Operative, room, card
Carder, fibre
Bumper (textile mfr)
Setter, crepe (textile mfr)
Weigher, coiler
Gabler and corder
Speeder, machine, braiding
Corrector (hosiery, knitwear mfr)
Lapper, tape
Softener (flax, hemp mfr)
Maker, trimmings (tinsel mfr)
Folder (textile mfr)
Braider, net
Man, yarn
Foreman, card
Miller (textile mfr)
Creaser and lapper
Cleaner, roller
Crusher, burr
Machinist, blowing
Minder, head
Stover (textile mfr)
Taker-off (textile mfr)
Mixer, bristle
Puller, wool
Filler, bobbin
Maker, jacquard
Twister, cotton
Miller, cloth
Dryer, dyed (textile mfr)
Stapler, wool (textile mfr)
Lacer, card
Folder, cloth
Spinner, fibreglass
Man, burr
Attendant, box, drawing
Bluer (textile mfr)
Drawer, cotton
Neutraliser (textile mfr)
Sorter, tube (textile spinning)
Twister, fly
Lifter (textile mfr)
Spreader, plaster
Finisher, taper's
Hanger (leathercloth mfr)
Piecer, side
Machinist, opening (asbestos opening)
Dryer, warp
Tenter, front
Threader, frame
Winder, cone
Maker, gromet
Minder, roving
Tucker (blanket mfr)
Helper, weaver's
Mixer, fibre, fur
Pickler, cloth
Master, spinning
Presser, hosiery
Machinist, garnet
Piler, roving
Packer, shoddy
Tinsman, drying (textile mfr)
Finisher, hosiery
Moulder (felt lining mfr)
Boilerman (textile waste merchants)
Plaiter (textile mfr)
Operator, drawtwist
Tenter, gill
Dresser, bass
Machinist, drying, cloth
Maker, cable, rope
Tenterer, woollen
Worker, felt
Finisher, combing
Winder, reel
Setter, bobbin
Dollier (textile mfr)
Maker, wadding
Linker (textile mfr)
Reducer (textile printing)
Puller, waste (textile mfr)
Shaker, rag
Dryer, machine (textile mfr)
Man, hydro (textile mfr)
Winder, cop
Crabber, french
Feeder (felt hat mfr)
Worker, room, card
Attendant, frame (textile mfr)
Cleaner, feather
Hand, bank (rope, twine mfr)
Server (textile mfr)
Reeler, yarn
Cutter, pattern (jacquard card cutting)
Cleaner, cloth
Gaiter, warp
Filler, hand (silk weaving)
Machinist, beaming (textile weaving)
Shearer, mat
Trimmer, hosiery (textile finishing)
Reader (lace mfr)
Blower, dry
Changer (textile printing)
Folder, towel (textile mfr)
Foreman, twisting
Machinist, doubling
Tenter, weilds
Man, extractor (textile mfr)
Tenter, frame, draw
Hand, net, braiding
Spinner, asbestos
Winder, mohair
Machinist, velvet
Operator, ring
Puncher (wool combing)
Separator (textile mfr)
Doubler, cloth
Springer (textile mfr)
Blender (asbestos composition goods mfr)
Tenter, back, roving
Dumper (textile mfr)
Matcher, colour (leathercloth mfr)
Winder, wheel (lace mfr)
Perforator, jacquard
Minder, reducer (wool drawing)
Winder, rayon
Cleaner, ramie
Machinist, slitting and winding (textile mfr)
Winder, bobbin, ring
Winder, machine (surgical dressing mfr)
Embosser (leathercloth mfr)
Former, hat
Cleaner, table (textile mfr)
Feeder, card
Helper, examiner's (net, rope mfr)
Finisher, velvet
Maker, line
Rigger, net
Piecer, cotton
Buncher, hank
Sewer, harness (wool weaving)
Fitter, card (textile mfr)
Tenter, devil
Piecer, mule
Man, end, back (textile mfr)
Layer-on (textile mfr)
Piler, bobbin
Machinist, stentering
Carder, asbestos
Tooler (fustian, velvet mfr)
Machinist, flock
Machinist, spinning
Twister, silk
Man, room, card
Pleater, cloth
Dryer, cylinder (textile mfr)
Finder, worsted (carpet, rug mfr)
Mixer, wool
Stripper (textile mfr)
Minder, frame, slubbing
Plater, hot
Twister, false
Winder (textile smallwares mfr)
Baller, wool
Operative, carding
Polisher, yarn
Raiser, flannelette
Coiler, tape
Maker, chenille
Framer, ring
Winder, pin
Operator, hydro (textile finishing)
Maker, rope
Former, rope
Tuber (textile mfr)
Clamper (textile finishing)
Shrinker (textile mfr)
Beater, feather
Receiver (leathercloth mfr)
Blower-up (textile mfr)
Threader, warp (hosiery, knitwear mfr)
Tenter, frame, clearing
Changer (flax, hemp mfr)
Shearer (textile finishing)
Minder, backwash
Setter, beam
Threader (carpet, rug mfr)
Filler, machine (textile mfr)
Tenter, drawing
Curler, feather
Tarrer, sack
Minder, scribbling
Scrapper (textile mfr)
Tenter, hardener, roller
Washhouseman (raw silk processing)
Assistant, minder's (cotton mfr)
Steamer (textile finishing)
Machinist, buffing (leathercloth mfr)
Machinist, perpetual
Machinist, cabling (rope, twine mfr)
Foreman, textile
Rubber (textile finishing)
Operator, hydro-extractor
Mixer (textile mfr)
Cutter, fustian
Drafter, fibre
Spooler (textile mfr)
Stretcher (textile mfr)
Foreman (cotton waste merchants)
Hand, drawing (textile mfr)
Breaker (textile finishing)
Ripper (shoddy mfr)
Clipper, knot
Reeler, cop
Filler, magazine
Maker, brayle
Stretcher, clip (textile mfr)
Rewinder (textile mfr)
Copperman (textile mfr)
Minder, box (textile mfr)
Worker, hair
Worker, rope (rope, twine mfr)
Clipper (textile finishing)
Man, burden
Assistant, maker's, rope
Tenter, frame
Winder, hank
Machinist, lapping (textile mfr)
Cleaner, cardroom
Stover (hat mfr)
Worker, process (asbestos mfr)
Operator, jig (textile mfr)
Machinist, knotting, warp
Sorter, weft
Tenter, frame, doubling
Layer-out, yarn
Worker, frame, knitting
Quiller (textile mfr)
Attendant, card (textile mfr)
Clearer (textile finishing)
Tenter, comb
Worker, frame (rope, twine mfr)
Improver (wool spinning)
Winder, pirn
Comber (textile mfr)
Grinder, flat
Brusher (textile mfr)
Assembler (textile mfr)
Cutter, waste (textile mfr)
Machinist, ball
Maker, ribbon, typewriter
Soaker, silk
Tenter, head, engine
Sizer, warp
Tenter, roving
Uncurler (textile mfr)
Putter-on, tape (silk spinning)
Framer (textile mfr)
Machinist, cuttling
Lifter, beam
Picker (textile mfr: silk throwing)
Winder, yarn
Feeder (textile mfr)
Worker, factory (clothing mfr)
Drawer (textile mfr)
Worker, hosiery
Clipper (rope, twine mfr)
Foreman, combing
Carder, under
Analyst, colour (textile mfr)
Finisher, fuse, safety
Man, tool (fustian, velvet mfr)
Operative, weaving
Presser, machine (textile mfr)
Slubber (textile mfr)
Calenderer, asbestos
Threader, brass (lace mfr)
Major, blower
Cutter (textile mfr)
Tenter, double
Tenter, card
Grinder (textile mfr)
Joiner (textile mfr)
Machinist (hatters' fur mfr)
Tenter, slub
Winder (typewriter ribbon mfr)
Glazer (textile mfr)
Shader (textile mfr)
Dryer, can (textile mfr)
Waxer, cord
Filler, weaver's
Tenter (textile finishing)
Tenter, spare
Worker, feather
Tenter, fly
Steriliser (surgical dressing mfr)
Enterer (textile mfr)
Setter, card (textile mfr)
Joiner, textile
Carboniser (textile mfr)
Feeder, cotton
Machinist (rope, twine mfr)
Spinner, mule
Dipper (textile mfr)
Folder-up (textile mfr)
Beater (feather dressing)
Filler, dresser's
Machinist, preparing
Tenter, frame, flyer
Splicer (textile mfr)
Machinist, finisher (textile mfr)
Spinner, cap
Spreader (surgical dressing mfr)
Cutter, rag
Hooker (textile mfr)
Dresser, cloth
Mate, weaver's
Puller (textile mfr)
Trimmer (textile mfr)
Winder, gas
Winder, bobbin, brass
Roller-up (textile mfr)
Attendant, scutcher
Assembler, harness, jacquard
Minder, carding
Carder, cotton
Attendant, backwash
Minder, back (textile mfr)
Hand, croft
Foreman, spinning
Winder, cotton
Minder, frame, copping
Master, winding
Mistress, shifting
Tanner (net, rope mfr)
Minder, copper
Breaker (textile spinning)
Cutter, bass
Machinist, braiding (asbestos rope mfr)
Lacer, jacquard
Twister, wool
Spotter (lace mfr)
Conditioner, yarn
Rover (textile mfr)
Tenter, waste, hard
Coverer, elastic (textile mfr)
Shaper (hosiery, knitwear mfr)
Winder, tube (textile mfr)
Winchman (textile mfr)
Drawer, hair
Bundler, flax
Maker, felt
Operator, twisting
Assistant, weaver's
Minder, head, balling
Spinner (textile mfr)
Minder, mule
Threader (lace mfr)
Operator, unit (textile finishing)
Washhouseman, wool
Spinner, twine
Fixer (net, rope mfr)
Blender (fur fibre mfr)
Machinist, pickering (textile mfr)
Major, room, blow