Textiles, garments and related trades n.e.c.


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Job holders in this unit group perform a variety of textiles and related craft occupations not elsewhere classified in MINOR GROUP 541: Textiles and Garments Trades.


Entry does not depend on academic qualifications. Training is mainly on-the-job although relevant vocational courses and qualifications are available in some areas.

Typical tasks

  • marks out, cuts and sews corsets, light clothing and hoods and aprons and makes and repairs sails, boat covers and other canvas goods;
  • fills and stuffs cushions, quilts, soft toys and furniture;
  • examines sketches and draws out patterns for the manufacture of garments and upholstery;
  • shapes and steams fabric into hats or hoods and gives final shape to fibre helmets and felt hats;
  • performs other tasks not elsewhere classified, for example, forms mounts for wigs, makes buttons, shapes hat brims, and staples seams of industrial gloves.

Common job titles

Assistant, trimmer's (upholstering)
Planner, lay (clothing mfr)
Turner-down (glove mfr)
Finisher, hand (felt hat mfr)
Layer-down (textile finishing)
Maker, colour (flag mfr)
Cutter, sack
Finisher (canvas goods mfr)
Hand, stripping (hosiery, knitwear mfr)
Finisher, hand (clothing mfr)
Cutter (canvas goods mfr)
Puller, baste
Polisher, hat
Cutter, flag
Darner (textile mfr)
Consultant, corsetry
Machinist (sanitary towel mfr)
Maker, pattern (artificial flower mfr)
Turner (canvas goods mfr)
Stuffer, cushion
Maker, sail
Shaper (millinery mfr)
Machinist, guillotine (textile mfr)
Shaver, hood
Modeller, pattern, paper
Cutter, press (textile mfr)
Maker, mount, wig
Maker, towel
Repairer (embroidery mfr)
Cutter, felt (textile mfr)
Cutter, pattern (fur goods mfr)
Cutter, ribbon
Hand, bag
Polisher (hat mfr)
Maker, sample (textile mfr)
Cutter, bias
Finisher (hat mfr)
Curler (hat mfr)
Cutter, laces
Hand, pattern (lace mfr)
Cutter, upholstery
Marker, lining
Shaper, brim
Tufter (soft furnishings mfr)
Sticker (clothing mfr)
Cutter (coach trimming)
Painter (textile designing)
Turner (clothing mfr)
Marker (embroidery mfr)
Planner, clothier's
Rounder (hat mfr)
Stenciller (needlework kit mfr)
Manufacturer, goods, canvas
Binder, chair
Hatter (hat mfr)
Manufacturer, garment
Manufacturer, hat
Matcher (clothing mfr)
Perforator (glove mfr)
Putter-on (textile printing)
Stuffer, chair
Cutter, roll
Coner (felt hood mfr)
Manufacturer (hat mfr)
Maker, corset
Worker, table (textile mfr)
Cutter (soft toy mfr)
Patcher, wool
Worker, tapestry
Marker, piece (textile mfr)
Cutter, pattern (textile mfr)
Designer-cutter (clothing mfr)
Manufacturer (umbrella, parasol mfr)
Threader (embroidery mfr)
Cleaner (clothing mfr)
Machinist, slitting and winding
Tambourer (textile making-up)
Trimmer (hat mfr)
Tucker (clothing mfr)
Shearman (clothing mfr)
Coverer (coat hanger mfr)
Bonder, garment, rainproof
Machinist, blocking
Grader (paper pattern mfr)
Operator, guillotine (coach trimming)
Parer (clothing mfr)
Preparer, design, textiles
Cutter, cloth, umbrella
Puller, base (clothing mfr)
Turner, collar
Tracer (embroidery mfr)
Man, table (clothing mfr)
Penciller (clothing mfr)
Buttoner (clothing mfr)
Maker-up (needlework kit mfr)
Cutter, asbestos (mattress, upholstery mfr)
Fitter, corsetry
Cutter (upholstering)
Repairer, umbrella
Maker, waterproof
Sweater (hat mfr)
Hand, front (clothing mfr)
Planner (clothing mfr)
Shearer (glove mfr)
Grader, pattern, clothing
Cutter, rib (hosiery, knitwear mfr)
Darner (hotels, catering, public houses)
Cleaner, hat
Machinist, eyelet-hole
Steamer, hat
Maker, body (hat mfr)
Maker, helmet
Trimmer (embroidery mfr)
Turner, glove
Cutter, bandage
Conservationist, tapestry
Eyeletter (clothing mfr)
Maker, puff, powder
Sewer (powder puff mfr)
Steamer (felt hat mfr)
Threader, draw
Cutter, thread
Marker, button
Corder (upholstering)
Maker, marker
Machinist, slitting (fabric mfr)
Manufacturer (canvas goods mfr)
Restorer, tapestry
Finisher, hand (knitted goods mfr)
Pantographer (lace mfr)
Trimmer (glove mfr)
Filler, hand (upholstery mfr)
Manufacturer, clothing
Maker, hat
Conservationist, textile
Cutter, designer
Sewer, hand
Marker, pattern
Marker (textile mfr)
Taker-off (clothing mfr)
Machinist, stitching, wire
Marker-off (textile mfr)
Turner (hosiery, knitwear mfr)
Maker, pattern (textile mfr)
Blocker (hat mfr)
Blocker, hat
Foreman (clothing mfr)
Slitter, fabrics
Finisher, tent
Perforator (embroidery mfr)
Maker, bag, nail
Maker, umbrella
Trimmer (knitwear mfr)
Foreman (canvas goods mfr)
Layer-out (glove mfr)
Manufacturer (clothing mfr)
Trimmer, coffin
Smearer (waterproof garment mfr)
Filler, cushion
Maker, bandage
Cutter (artificial flower mfr)
Flanger (hat mfr)
Stuffer (toy mfr)
Framer, calico
Machinist, tufting (mattress, upholstery mfr)
Binder, umbrella
Assistant (dressmaking)
Assistant, maker's, dress
Clearer (embroidering)
Marker, buttonhole
Shaver (hat mfr)
Finisher, hat
Worker, straw (hat mfr)
Maker, bag, jute
Marker (hosiery, knitwear mfr)
Maker, tent
Grader, pattern (clothing mfr)
Tufter (mattress, upholstery mfr)
Tacker (corset mfr)
Cutter, corset
Fitter, corset, surgical
Preparer (embroidery mfr)
Cutter, bag
Matcher (hat mfr)
Cutter, design (clothing mfr)
Stuffer (mattress, upholstery mfr)