Tool makers, tool fitters and markers-out


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Tool makers, tool fitters and markers-out mark out metal for machining and fit, assemble and repair machine and press tools, dies, jigs, fixtures and other tools.


There are no formal academic requirements although some employers may require GCSEs/S grades. Engineering apprenticeships, BTEC and City and Guilds qualifications are available together with on-the-job training. NVQs/ SVQs at Level 2 are available.

Typical tasks

  • examines drawings and specifications to determine appropriate method and sequence of operations;
  • marks out reference points using measuring instruments and tools such as punches, rules and squares;
  • operates hand and machine tools to shape workpieces to specifications and checks accuracy of machining;
  • assembles prepared parts, checks their alignment with micrometers, optical projectors and other measuring equipment and adjusts as necessary;
  • repairs damaged or worn tools.

Common job titles

Fitter, tool, press
Maker, mould (fibre glass mfr)
Setter-out (metal trades)
Fitter, die
Engineer, room, tool
Maker, tool, machine
Fitter, pattern (engineering)
Marker-off (engineering)
Repairer, tool
Cutter, mould
Repairer, die
Fitter, jig and tool
Maker, tool
Man, table, surface
Liner-out (engineering)
Fitter and marker-off
Liner-up (engineering)
Maker, forme (paper box mfr)
Engineer, tool
Maker, die and tool
Maker, jig
Cutter, pattern, metal
Maker, template
Maker, die
Marker (metal trades: engineering)
Maker, tool, diamond
Fitter, room, tool
Marker (metal scales mfr)
Fettler, tool
Fitter, tool, edge
Maker, mould (plastics goods mfr)
Maker, mould, tool, press
Marker, part
Corrector, die
Maker, jig and gauge
Setter, gauge
Maker, tool, press
Marker-out (engineering)
Cutter, tool (metal trades)
Sinker, die (metal trades)
Doctor, tool
Engineer, making, tool
Fitter, tool
Liner-off (engineering)
Liner (safe mfr)
Maker, gauge (metal trades)