Town planning officers


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Town planning officers direct or undertake the planning of the layout and the co-ordination of plans for the development of urban and rural areas.


Entrants usually possess either an accredited degree or postgraduate qualification and must have completed at least two years’ work experience in town planning before gaining professional status.

Typical tasks

  • analyses information to establish the nature, extent, growth rate and likely development requirements of the area;
  • consults statutory bodies and other interested parties to ensure that local interests are catered for and to evaluate competing development proposals;
  • drafts and presents graphic and narrative plans affecting the use of public and private land, housing and transport facilities;
  • examines and evaluates development proposals submitted and recommends acceptance, modification or rejection;
  • liaises with national and local government and other bodies to advise on urban and regional planning issues.

Common job titles

Officer, planning (local government: building and contracting)
Planner, town and country
Adviser, planning, county
Consultant, planning, town
Planner, enforcement
Planner (town planning)
Officer, control, development
Designer, urban
Planner, town

Education background

Destination of Leavers survey, supplied by the Higher Education Statistics.