Typists and related keyboard occupations


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Job holders in this unit group type letters, memos, reports and other documents from draft, handwritten or dictated matter, using appropriate software packages.


Entry is most common with GCSEs/S grades. Entrants are normally expected to have obtained minimum typing speeds and hold vocational certificates. Units in keyboarding skills and producing documents are included in NVQs/SVQs in Administration at Levels 1 to 4.

Typical tasks

  • types letters, memos, reports, presentations and other documents using the appropriate software;
  • inserts logos and other special features and formats as specified;
  • proof reads, edits and corrects errors to produce clean copy to specified layout;
  • adjusts settings of printer as necessary and monitors quality of printed document.

Common job titles

Operator, card, punch
Machinist, book-keeping
Operator, flexowriter
Officer, data, clinical
Supervisor, processing, data
Officer, processing, data
Administrator, data
Operator, tabulator
Operator, ICL
Clerk, VDU
Reporter, price (financial services)
Operator, banda
Processor, data
Clerk, secretarial
Operator, IBM
Operator, dictaphone
Clerk, input
Operator, display, visual
Typist, copy
Inputter, copy
Operator, entry, data
Typist, superintendent
Operator, edit, tape
Writer, shorthand
Assistant, computer
Clerk, entry, order
Machinist, addressing
Operator, processor, word
Operator, rotaprint
Operator, input, data
Machinist, calculating
Superintendent, typist's
Controller, data, computer
Operator, kardex
Operator, key, punch
Operator, keyboard
Machinist, accounts
Operator, key-time
Supervisor, processing, word
Processor, text
Operator, addressograph
Operator, screen
Inputter, data
Clerk, entry, data
Operator, computer
Operator, key-punch
Operator, key-to-disc
Typist, audio
Operator, NCR
Inputter, database
Operator, VDU
Assistant, input
Clerk-VDU operator
Machinist, accounting
Operator, burster
Operator, capture, data
Machinist, adding
Processor, word
Reporter, court
Inputter, computer
Superintendent, typing
Supervisor, typing
Operator, preparation, data
Operator, WP
Clerk, processing, data
Reporter, verbatim
Operator, punch, key
Clerk, computer
Typist, shorthand
Operator, punch
Supervisor, control, computer
Operator, comptometer
Inputter, text
Clerk, control, data
Officer, preparation, data
Operative, computer

Education background

Destination of Leavers survey, supplied by the Higher Education Statistics.