Undertakers, mortuary and crematorium assistants


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Undertakers, mortuary and crematorium assistants make funeral arrangements for clients, prepare the deceased for burial or cremation, and supervise and assist the proceedings of funerals.


There are no formal academic requirements although some employers require candidates to possess GCSEs/S grades. A full driving licence is often required. Training is provided on-the-job. Professional qualifications in funeral directing and embalming are available.

Typical tasks

  • collects body of deceased and assists with the completion of necessary documents;
  • interviews relative or representative of the deceased to discuss preparations for funeral;
  • liaises with cemetery or crematorium authorities on behalf of client;
  • washes and injects body with sterilising fluid to prevent deterioration prior to funeral, and applies cosmetics, wax and other materials to restore normal appearance;
  • provides hearse and funeral cars and leads funeral procession;
  • controls the operations of crematoriums and cemeteries and processes legal documentation.

Common job titles

Superintendent (cemetery, crematorium)
Superintendent, assistant (cemetery, crematorium)
Worker, cemetery
Bearer (funeral directors)
Attendant, cemetery
Technician, mortuary
Bearer, pall
Assistant, crematorium
Attendant, furnace, crematorium
Administrator, funeral
Technician, crematorium
Assistant, funeral
Furnaceman (crematorium)
Foreman (cemetery, crematorium)
Assistant, mortuary
Arranger, funeral
Attendant, mortuary
Operator, crematorium
Director, funeral
Assistant, undertaker's
Assistant, director's, funeral
Attendant, crematorium