Vehicle valeters and cleaners


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Annual Survey of Hours and Earning 2018


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Vehicle valeters and cleaners clean, wash and polish the interiors and exteriors of ships, aircraft, trains and road vehicles.


No academic qualifications are required. On-the-job training may be provided. NVQs/SVQs in relevant areas are available at Levels 1 and 2.

Typical tasks

  • vacuums, brushes and washes vehicle upholstery and interior surfaces;
  • empties waste bins and removes rubbish;
  • reports any damage or vandalism to the fabric of the vehicle interior;
  • washes, cleans and polishes as appropriate the exterior surfaces of vehicles.

Common job titles

Washer, cab
Washer, lorry
Cleaner, vehicle
Detailer, car
Valeter, vehicle
Washer, van
Cleaner, cab
Polisher, car, motor (garage)
Cleaner, boat
Man, service, carriage (railways)
Washer, car
Cleaner, bus
Cleaner, coach
Valeter, car
Cleaner, car
Cleaner, motor (garage)
Cleaner, carriage
Assistant, wash, car
Cleaner, ship's
Groomer, aircraft
Cleaner, aircraft
Technician, appearance, vehicle
Operative, care, train