Vocational and industrial trainers and instructors


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Vocational and industrial trainers provide instruction in manual, manipulative and other vocational skills and advise on, plan and organise vocational instruction within industrial, commercial and other establishments.


No formal educational qualifications are required for entry, although most entrants have qualified in some other area of work and will require a Certificate in Training Practice. Professional qualifications are available from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development. NVQs/SVQs in Training and Development are available at Levels 3, 4 and 5.

Typical tasks

  • assesses training requirements and prepares lectures, demonstrations and study aids;
  • supervises trainee development, assists trainees with difficulties and prepares regular progress reports on each trainee for management;
  • arranges work experience and instructional visits for trainees;
  • plans curriculum and rota of staff duties and updates or amends them in light of developments;
  • advises on training programmes and discusses progress or problems with staff and trainees;
  • devises general and specialised training courses in response to particular needs.

Common job titles

Agent, training
Officer, safety and training (coal mine: above ground)
Trainer, technology, information
Coach, technical
Specialist, training
Instructor, technical
Officer, training and development
Officer, training
Officer, instructional
Supervisor, training
Supervisor-instructor (government)
Consultant, training
Coordinator, course, training
Coordinator, TEC
Assessor, NVQ
Analyst, training
Instructor (coal mine)
Officer, training, sales
Trainer, software
Instructor, training
Instructor, handicrafts
Instructor, prison
Instructor, craft
Instructor, supervising
Manager, NVQ
Officer, development, training
Instructor, trainee
Assessor, competency
Trainer, technical
Instructor (apprentice school)
Trainer, computer
Instructor, civilian (government)
Supervisor, trainee (coal mine)
Instructor, craftsman, apprentice (coal mine)
Manager, training and development
Instructor, manual
Officer, training, colliery
Associate, training
Coordinator, training
Instructor (training establishment)
Instructor, staff, school
Supervisor, apprenticeship
Trainer, industrial
Consultant, development, training
Instructor (training provider)
Adviser, development, training
Trainer, IT
Adviser, development, employee
Trainer, staff
Officer, training and education
Instructor, computer
Coach, executive
Advocate, learning
Instructor, apprentice
Consultant, scheme
Instructor, handicraft
Manager, delivery, training
Officer, support, web (further, higher education)
Provider, training
Instructor (learning disabilities adult training)
Practitioner, NLP
Officer, training and compliance
Instructor, cycling
Assessor, driving
Manager, training
Teacher, sales
Officer, development, youth
Officer, service, training
Assessor, training
Adviser, training
Officer, development, staff

Education background

Destination of Leavers survey, supplied by the Higher Education Statistics.