Water and sewerage plant operatives


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Water and sewerage plant operatives operate valves to control water supplies in mains and pipelines, attend screening, filtering, water purifying and sedimentation plant, clear any blockages and patrol and maintain sewerage systems.


There are no formal academic entry requirements. Training is provided off- and on-the-job. NVQs/ SVQs in Operating Process Plant are available at Level 2.

Typical tasks

  • attends water filtration and purification plant, monitors chemical treatment and regulates treatment of water supply within strict guidelines;
  • opens and closes valves to regulate quantity and pressure of water and reports defective valves or abnormal water pressure;
  • stops water supply in an emergency and informs consumers likely to be affected;
  • regulates flow of raw sewage into screening plant, releases screened sewage and regulates its flow into detritus pits, sedimentation tanks and filtration beds;
  • cleans out screen compartments, sedimentation tanks and filtration beds manually or using mechanical scraper;
  • patrols sections of sewer, examines for any blockages or gas releases and clears blockages by flushing or by using boring rods;
  • digs trench and assists pipe layers to lay, renew or repair sewerage pipes.

Common job titles

Foreman, station, pumping
Foreman (water works)
Operator, pump
Controller, shift (water treatment)
Flusher and cleanser, sewer
Attendant, syphon
Attendant, sewerage
Foreman (sewage works)
Operator, plant (water works)
Worker, treatment, water
Foreman (local government: sewage works)
Assistant, distribution (water company)
Operator, sewage
Worker, farm, sewage
Ganger, filtration (water works)
Waterman (local government)
Attendant, water
Attendant, room, pump
Attendant (water works)
Attendant (sewage farm)
Attendant, bed, filter (water works)
Softener, water
Controller (water treatment)
Foreman, sewer
Operator, plant (sewage works)
Valveman (water works)
Attendant, treatment, water
Attendant, sprinkler
Technician, service, environmental
Attendant, station, pumping
Operator, plant, treatment, water
Attendant, sewage
Attendant, plant, treatment, water
Superintendent, distribution (water works)
Operator, sewer
Operator, treatment, sewage
Attendant, works, outfall
Operator, room, control (water company)
Man, sewerage (local government)
Attendant, plant, purifying, water
Operator, softener, water
Waterman (water works)
Superintendent, works (water company)
Attendant, pump
Collector, sample, water
Engineer, treatment, water
Operator, works, sewage
Attendant, filter (water works)
Attendant, plant, sewage
Engineer, water
Man, filter (sewage farm)
Worker, sewage
Operator, distribution (water company)
Superintendent, works, water
Attendant, plant, softening, water
Machinist (sewage disposal)
Operative, sewer
Operator, plant, softener, water
Operator, treatment, water
Inspector, sewer
Operator (water company)
Controller, treatment, water
Superintendent (water company)
Attendant, softener, water
Technician, services, environmental (water treatment)
Worker, board, water
Chlorinator (water works)
Filterer (water works)
Attendant, pumping
Screener (sewage disposal)
Assistant, mains (water company)
Attendant, house, press
Waterman (sewage disposal)
Attendant, house, filter (water works)
Attendant, bed, bacteria
Technician, leakage
Inspector, district (water company)