Web design and development professionals


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Annual Survey of Hours and Earning 2018


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Jobholders in this unit group design, develop and maintain websites to meet a client’s specified requirements.


Entrants usually possess a degree or equivalent qualification, although entry with other academic qualifications and/or significant relevant experience is possible. There is a variety of relevant vocational, professional and postgraduate qualifications available.

Typical tasks

  • liaises with internal/external client in order to define the requirements for the website;
  • presents design options to the client;
  • designs web pages including graphics, animation and functionality to maximise visual effectiveness and facilitate appropriate access;
  • develops the website and applications;
  • designs and develops web interfaces for relational database systems;
  • establishes methods to ensure appropriate website security and recovery;
  • writes and publishes content for the website;
  • tests website interaction and performance prior to going ‘live’, and monitors and maintains functionality of the website;
  • activates the ‘live’ website.

Common job titles

Manager, web
Officer, content
Designer, UX
Master, web
Producer, web
Designer, media, interactive
Producer, content
Developer, web, technical
Officer, development, web
Consultant, internet
Publisher, desktop
Editor, content
Consultant, design, web
Manager, content, web
Technician, web
Designer, web
Designer, website
Developer, web, end, front
Webmaster, online, education
Developer, web
Publisher, top, desk
Developer, multimedia
Designer, interface, user
Executive, communications, web
Editor, web
Designer, media, new
Developer, internet
Producer, digital
Manager, site, web
Designer, UI
Designer, experience, user
Developer, site, web
Manager, content, website

Education background

Destination of Leavers survey, supplied by the Higher Education Statistics.