Weighers, graders and sorters


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Jobholders in this unit group weigh, grade and sort materials, goods and products.


There are no formal academic entry requirements. Training is typically received on-the-job, supplemented by short courses relating to the specific material or product being considered.

Typical tasks

  • examines hide, skins, leather, fabric, wool, rags, scrap metal, tobacco pipe bowls, fish, fibres, ceramics, produce and other goods;
  • assesses product quality visually and by touch, and grades according to weight, thickness, colour and other quality criteria;
  • ascertains material(s) required from order card, recipe, or specification and weighs and measures prescribed quantities accordingly;
  • uses balances, springs, weighing platforms, automatic scales and weighbridges to check the weight of goods, products and loaded vehicles;
  • records and calculates gross and net weight, checks delivery notes and prepares documents and labels for identification purposes;
  • operates machines to measure lengths of rolls of material and irregularly shaped materials such as leather or sheepskin.

Common job titles

Measurer (cable mfr)
Grader, egg
Picker, lime
Measurer (carpet, rug mfr)
Sorter, lime
Sorter, refuse
Machinist, weighing
Sorter, gelatine
Despatcher, rail
Sorter (seed merchants)
Selector (canvas goods mfr)
Dispatcher, rail
Sorter, dyehouse (textile mfr)
Sorter, hosiery
Sorter (broom, brush mfr)
Sorter (laundry, launderette, dry cleaning)
Sorter, newspaper
Grader, skin
Reckoner (tinplate mfr)
Taster, wine
Sorter (fur dressing)
Measurer, skin (food products mfr)
Sorter, spool
Measurer, braid
Counter (mine: not coal)
Sorter, fent
Attendant, weighbridge
Sorter, biscuit
Gauger (lamp, valve mfr)
Measurer (chemical mfr)
Selector and classifier
Sorter, linen (hospital service)
Sorter (waste merchants)
Sorter, house, dye (textile mfr)
Sorter (mine: not coal)
Banksman (coal mine: opencast)
Measurer, timber
Man, yard (coal mine)
Gauger, tank (petroleum distribution)
Grader, wool
Picker (stone dressing)
Machinist, measuring
Fitter, stock (footwear mfr)
Sorter, leaf
Operator, bridge, weigh
Gauger (oil refining)
Bundler, sheet
Grader (metal trades)
Picker, prawn
Sorter, head (galvanised sheet mfr)
Bundler, scrap
Sorter, mica
Picker, flock
Sorter, hide
Measurer, piece
Sorter, clip
Sorter (clothing mfr)
Grader, pelt (fellmongering)
Grader, fruit
Grader, grain
Sorter, rag and metal
Sorter, diamond
Picker, pea (food processing)
Sorter, machine (ceramics mfr)
Sorter, tile, roofing
Sorter, warehouse, biscuit (ceramics mfr)
Picker (building construction)
Sorter, seed
Sorter (textile mfr)
Sorter, cork
Keeper, machine, weighing
Assistant, bundler's
Picker (textile mfr: flock mfr)
Keeper, bridge, weigh
Sorter, tin
Sorter (cutlery handle mfr)
Pager (printing)
Sorter (footwear mfr)
Clerk, machine, weigh (coal mine)
Sorter, rag
Sorter (metal trades)
Examiner (leather dressing)
Stuffer (textile bleaching, dyeing)
Selector, sack
Sorter, cloth
Sorter (button mfr)
Assistant, taster's, tea
Sorter, foil, tin
Sorter (glass mfr: glass bottle mfr)
Sorter, waste
Taker, weight
Weigherman (card, paste board mfr)
Sorter, tape
Grader (tobacco pipe mfr)
Sorter, fur
Sorter (wholesale fish trade)
Sorter, sole
Attendant, bridge, weigh
Sorter and grader (canvas goods mfr)
Sorter, paper (waste paper merchants)
Picker-packer (vehicle mfr)
Sorter, gum
Taker-off (textile mfr: wool sorting)
Yardman (coal mine)
Sorter, pipe, ceramic
Inspector (leather dressing)
Sorter, egg
Marker-out (fustian, velvet mfr)
Taster, coffee
Measurer (tape mfr)
Sorter, feather
Clerk of the scales
Dispatcher, road
Clerk, weighing
Divider (type foundry)
Measurer, wood
Operator, weighbridge
Grader (plasterboard mfr)
Selector, biscuit (ceramics mfr)
Sorter (tannery)
Sorter, meat
Grader, poultry (retail trade)
Sorter, slag
Teller (printing)
Dipper (oil refining)
Sorter, mohair
Sorter (ceramics mfr)
Grader, fat
Picker (textile mfr: wool sorting)
Grader, rag
Selector (flax, hemp mfr)
Bundler (broom, brush mfr)
Marker-off (tube mfr)
Yardsman (coal mine)
Examiner, bottle (brewery)
Grader, meat
Measurer (leather dressing)
Sorter, stocking
Selector (plastics mfr)
Sorter, skin
Gauger, cement
Grader, leather
Bundler (metal trades)
Dispenser (bakery)
Selector, skin
Sorter (stick mfr)
Sorter, woollen
Taster (food products mfr)
Analyst, sensory (food products mfr)
Sorter, bottle
Clerk, weigh
Despatcher, road
Grader, sack
Marker (galvanised sheet mfr)
Sorter, rubber
Sorter, shuttle
Sorter, wood
Washer, cullet
Scaler (slaughterhouse)
Clerk, weighbridge
Sorter, salvage
Examiner (tannery)
Controller, weighbridge
Inspector, ore
Bridgeman, weigh
Dipper, tank (petroleum distribution)
Grader, sole
Sorter (incandescent mantle mfr)
Sorter, leather
Sorter, metal
Sorter, stores
Checker, dipper
Grader (glass mfr)
Racker (laundry, launderette, dry cleaning)
Sorter, flock
Sorter (dyeing and cleaning)
Sorter, sack
Sorter, last
Sorter, hair
Grader (ceramics mfr)
Sorter and packer
Selector (ceramics mfr)
Examiner, scrap (steelworks)
Grader (abrasive paper, cloth mfr)
Taster, tea
Measurer, cloth (textile mfr)
Picker, bowl
Sorter, bulb (electric lamp mfr)
Sorter, scrap
Hand, hair (broom, brush mfr)
Sorter, timber
Counter, bank-note
Sorter, wool
Weigher and mixer, colour
Sorter, fibre
Sorter (cigar mfr)
Sorter, yarn
Grader (textile mfr)
Sorter, breakage (food products mfr)
Grader (food products mfr)
Grader (wholesale fish trade)
Packer, drum, furnace
Picker, stone (stone dressing)
Sorter, bobbin
Grader, hosiery
Sorter, fruit
Attendant, scale
Selector (mine: not coal)
Picker, cotton
Gauger, tank (oil refining)
Sorter (food products mfr)
Attendant, cabin, weigh