Welfare and housing associate professionals n.e.c.


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Workers in this unit group provide pastoral care relating to religious denominations, and a variety of welfare-related services including advice on benefits, health, disability and residential care not elsewhere classified in MINOR GROUP 323: Welfare and Housing Associate Professionals.


Entry is possible with a variety of academic qualifications and/or experience. Professional qualifications may be required for some posts. Background checks including a CRB check are likely to be required for those working with vulnerable adults and/or families.

Typical tasks

  • advises on rights and entitlements in relation to benefits, health, discrimination and welfare;
  • advises individuals and families experiencing problems about available resources to assist them;
  • assists and liaises with professionals in social work, the probation service and related welfare areas;
  • organises day, residential and home care services;
  • helps to put together care plans and follows professional’s care plans;
  • maintains records and compiles reports on clients;
  • keeps up to date with legislation;
  • performs pastoral care duties, preaches sermons and conducts some services in accordance with the relevant faith or denomination.

Common job titles

Reader, lay
Advocate, health, mental
Adviser, health
Broker, independent (social, welfare services)
Supervisor, welfare
Worker, advocacy
Worker, STR (social, welfare services)
Organiser, work, volunteer
Worker, case, advice
Preacher, local
Officer, support, student
Officer, advisory
Arranger, care (local government)
Advocate (welfare services)
Advocate, student
Worker, support, crisis
Worker, justice, restorative
Elder, church
Officer, brokerage (social, welfare services)
Worker, ancillary (probation service)
Officer, relieving
Manager, services, IMCA
Worker, outreach (welfare services)
Ancillary, service, probation
Officer, support (welfare services)
Worker, case (social, welfare services)
Assessor, care, home
Adviser (Citizens Advice Bureau)
Coordinator, volunteer
Worker, rehabilitation
Assistant, welfare
Preacher, lay
Officer, support, bail
Officer, information and advice
Worker, resettlement (welfare services)
Attendant, welfare
Adviser, benefits
Caseworker, advice
Officer, welfare, student
Worker, support, drug and alcohol
Officer, placement (local government: social services)
Organiser, care
Broker, support (social, welfare services)
Consultant, broker, care
Worker, key (welfare services)
Officer, centre, day
Organiser (welfare services)
Officer, justice, restorative
Advocate, carers
Supervisor, centre, day
Worker, participation and rights
Superintendent, welfare
Officer, service, probation
Worker, rescue
Worker, aid, family
Assistant, pastoral
Worker, project (welfare services)
Officer, care
Worker, recovery, time, support (social, welfare services)
Officer, welfare
Organiser, centre, day
Officer, access, disability (local government)
Officer, rights, welfare
Worker, group (local government: social services)
Enabler, mission
Officer, homelessness
Worker, welfare
Worker, field
Worker, development (welfare services)
Worker, army, Church
Adviser, smoking, stop
Coordinator, projects
Assessor, case (local government: social services)
Administrator, circuit
Organiser, help, home
Advocate, home, care
Officer, disability
Broker, support, care
Organiser, welfare
Officer, resettlement
Officer, development (welfare services)
Organiser, care, home
Organiser, care, day
Adviser, student
Campaigner, charity
Officer, services, day
Coordinator, charity
Officer, access (local government:
Facilitator, programme (prison service)
Worker, refuge (welfare services)
Coordinator, project, welfare
Practitioner, misuse, substance
Worker, settlement
Adviser, rights, welfare
Worker, advice
Coordinator, justice, restorative
Captain (religious organisation)
Adviser, welfare
Officer, services, probation
Broker (social, welfare services)
Organiser, project (welfare services)
Specialist, cessation, smoking
Assistant, services, probation
Assistant, work, social
Officer, care, day
Worker, misuse, substance
Navigator, care
Worker, development, outreach
Caseworker (local government: social services)
Worker, church
Assistant, probation
Adviser, promotion, health
Coordinator, health
Coordinator, smoking, stop
Officer, liaison, student
Advocate, IMCA
Adviser, services, student
Worker, case (local government: social services)
Coordinator, project
Captain (Salvation Army)
Assistant, service, probation
Broker, care
Worker, lay
Supervisor, care, day
Worker, sessional
Broker, personal (social, welfare services)
Worker, cessation, smoking
Adviser, cessation, smoking
Caseworker (social, welfare services)
Officer, welfare, chief

Education background

Destination of Leavers survey, supplied by the Higher Education Statistics.