Aegis helps Tara learn about her diabetes

Finance union Aegis has been promoting distance learning to members through it’s Union Learning Find (ULF) funded Learn with Aegis project. A number of the Level 2 NCFE courses have been around health and wellbeing – something that has proved popular and helpful to their members.

Aegis learner Tara

Tara Johnson is a Customer Consultant with the Yorkshire Building Society Group based at the YBS branch in Swaffham, Norfolk. After seeing a course advertised in a monthly flyer published through Learn with Aegis Tara decided to enrol and give it a go.

Tara suffers from diabetes and felt that the course being offered by the union could provide her with a greater understanding of her condition, and how it affected her personal health and well-being.

Tara said:

I have type 1 diabetes so the course I did was Understanding the Care and Management of Diabetes (Level 2 NCFE).  This has helped me massively I have a much better understanding of the condition, which is something I have always been curious about.

Understanding my diabetes helps me manage the condition, and my colleagues would definitely agree!”

Tara found the process for signing up to the course very easy thanks to help from her Union Learning Rep (ULR). Tara said: “

It was really easy and simple to enrol, I decided on the first course, spoke to the fantastic Learn with Aegis representative who gave me a breakdown of the sections and timescales of the courses.”

I then filled out some paperwork with my details to register and set up an account with a username and password and that was it!”

From then on it was just a matter of completing the course. Learners are given an outline of how long they have to do each unit and section. For Tara this was four units spread over eight weeks and she took  12 hours to complete the course in total.

Each unit was submitted to the learners own personal online tutor, who provided feedback on each question and gave tips and guidance on anything to reconsider or any suggestions of where you could find more info that was relevant.

This system worked really well for Tara who explained:

I thoroughly enjoyed the course especially as I was able to learn from the comfort of my own home. No commitment to a regular evening I just fitted it around my work life schedule”.

In fact she enjoyed the learning experience so much Tara is already thinking about enrolling on another course, and would encourage others to try it as well.

Tara said:

There are so many courses to pick from, there is likely to be something that interests you or something you would like to learn more about. They say knowledge is power! The worst bit was deciding which course to do next.”

Definitely do it!”

Learn with Aegis Project Worker Tracy Gaukroger said:

Aegis is based in Finance and we are used to upskilling learners in business and career progression courses.

However, sometimes, it is for more for personal reasons why we want to learn something.

For this reason one learner, Tara, decided to do a course, not to progress in life but to help her understand how her own Diabetes affected her health and well-being – and Learn with Aegis was delighted to be able to support her learning needs with a course that suited her.”