Eastchurch POA make learning as easy as "1,2,3"

A group of parents and carers on the Isle of Sheppey have recently completed the award winning, 1-2-3 Magic Behaviour Management course with the Eastchurch POA Learning Centre.

POA Learning are supporting parents and carers in Eastchurch

1-2-3 Magic is a behavioural management program for parents and other carers of young children, including teachers.  The basic logic and simplicity of the method means that it is easy to remember for both parents and kids-especially under conditions of emotional stress.

The idea of 1-2-3 Magic is a parent-in-charge program that eliminates arguing, yelling or smacking and works on three principles of “Controlling obnoxious behaviour”, “Encouraging good behaviour” and “Strengthening your relationship with your child”

Over the four weeks, the fourteen attendees learned about controlling unacceptable behaviour, how to manage testing and manipulation as well as encouraging positive behaviour and strengthening their relationship with their children.

As the course progressed, the parent/carers were able to see positive changes in their ability cope and react to various situations.

Bev Nolker, Tutor at the POA Learning Centre recalled that:

At the beginning of the course, one of the parents approached me and explained that they had not completed any course of learning since leaving school.” 

They went on to say: “I do not like to talk in front of others and that am very nervous.””

Bev continued:

By the third and fourth week, this individual was the first one to speak up and was a fantastic addition to the group.  Irrespective of feedback, that for me, is the measure of successful training and that’s what POA Learning is all about.”

The course was a huge success with some excellent feedback from learners, who preferred to remain anonymous, saying:

I have found this course really helpful and have picked up some very useful tips and ideas.”

Very friendly atmosphere and explained very well.  I felt relaxed and Beverley was easy to talk to, doesn’t judge and lets you understand the behaviour of your child and how to help improve it.”

Others commented that the course was very welcoming and had helped learners increase their confidence when dealing with challenging behaviour.

Alison Manion, Learning Coordinator at POA Learning, said:

The course set up by Bev and the team at POA Learning in Eastchurch show how they are responding to needs in local community and engaging with groups outside the prison to spread the benefits of union learning.”

The course highlighted how Bev and the team are magic in their own way!”