FBU Learning support Tammy gain further skills

During the last 12 months Gloucestershire Fire Brigade Union members have benefited from the services of new Learning Rep Tammy Bell. She has been helping the union promote the courses they offer and carry out the enrolments required for the Distance Learning Programme the FBU deliver.

Tammy is very proactive both at work and in her voluntary life outside the Fire Service, and she has recently completed two of FBU courses to not only gain valuable qualifications but also enhance her knowledge skills.

Tammy said:

I heard about the chance to study for qualifications at a local FBU meeting some time ago and thought it was a great opportunity, given the variety of subjects available and that study can fit around your busy lifestyle. The fact that it was also funded by the government, so at no cost at all, made it an even more attractive proposition."

The first course she studied was Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG) which Tammy described as "relevant in my new post as local learning rep and also found it to be useful in my role as a firefighter, given the amount of contact we have with the public and increasingly with other agencies and services now."

Following the completion of her IAG Qualification Tammy then studied FBU Learning’s Principles of Working with Individuals with Learning Disabilities' course. Tammy explained that "was not only beneficial in my working life, but also in my voluntary roles within the Riding with the Disabled Association and the Scout Association."

Tammy had the following to say about her experience with the Distance Learning Course Programme:

Tammy Bell ©Private

Being workbook-based study all the information you need is provided, including postage for assessments. There are often case studies and exercises to complete along the way where you are encouraged to look online and elsewhere for additional information and to broaden your understanding. The tutors also like to hear your own experiences and how the subject links in with your own life. 

Knowing there are online tutors and support staff in the background is great; if something crops up in life which may affect your study plan then it can be adapted. Tutors also give feedback after each assessment which is useful to progress in the next section and after completion. 

I would definitely recommend everyone to take a look at the subjects available and to take up study again - it can only be a benefit and maybe you'll even find a new path to follow?"

FBU Learning congratulated Tammy for gaining these qualifications and thanked her for all her help and support for FBU members in Gloucestershire.