Getting young people into English and Maths with Usdaw

Usdaw Union Learning Reps at Boots at Nottingham and Burton on Trent are persuading young workers to engage in English and maths learning.

Younger workers at Boots have benefited from Usdaw support

Usdaw Project Worker Neil Chapman said:

Normally the majority of our learners are in the 24-49 age range, but we are now having more success in both sites with those aged 16-24.”

Our ULR team in Nottingham have engaged 28 young learners in the past quarter and those in Burton another 16 learners”.

There are several reasons for this according to Neil. 

Firstly, ULRs on both sites site have raised the profile of learning by running numerous Life Long Learning events and promotions. This lets people know what’s on offer and how they can get involved.”

We have also been asking successful learners to explain the benefits to others and get them involved too.  We are then able to use peer groups to reinforce the message. It’s a very effective marketing method.”

The second reason is the high numbers of young Eastern European staff who keen to improve their English skills, and Neil has recruited a new rep to support these learners.

Neil said:

We have a new young Eastern European ULR, Kamil Lyzsinski, and he is really helping to promote the courses and explain how they work, it makes a real difference.“

Neil explained that most have a very good foundation in English and can attend functional skills courses rather than the more difficult to fund ESOL courses.

Neil is very positive about the recent work at the sites and said:

It’s great to have such a mix of ages and nationalities on courses - mixing people up and bringing them together breaks down barriers.”