Hayden collects fathers apprenticeship certificate as URTU supports scheme at Weetabix

Over the last 18 months the United Road Transport Union (URTU) has worked with learning provider Free2Learn to deliver Apprenticeships into XPO Logistics at their Weetabix site in Burton Latimer, Northamptonshire.

This particular XPO site is responsible for the distribution of all Weetabix products, including Alpen, Weetos and Ready Brek, on a global scale. The site is a hive of activity with logistics deadlines to achieve on an almost hourly basis to ensure that each one of the 3 billion Weetabix manufactured each year are distributed in line with targets.

URTU Apprentices at Weetabix being presented with their certificates

In total there have been approximately 50 Apprentices studying across a range of qualification sectors and levels. For some on the higher levels, the journey continues but for the majority on the lower level qualifications, there was a presentation of certificates on March 20th, to those who successfully achieved their Apprenticeship. John Cusworth (Free2Learn)attended the presentation session with Simon Walker (URTU) to award the certificates to successful learners.

There was also a very special presentation for Anthony Parker who completed his Team Leading Apprenticeship. Sadly Anthony tragically passed away before the certificate could be presented to him, so a very special award was made to his son Hayden, 5. Hayden, who attended with his mother Stacey was granted permission to access the site to collect the certificate on behalf of his late father.

John commented:

It was a very emotional day for the family, particularly as our site contact; Kenny Wignall, is grandfather to Hayden and father-in-law to Anthony. It was also a very proud moment for the family which I’m pleased Free2Learn were a part of.”​

​Hayden Parker with his mother, Stacey.

John added: 

Credit must also be given to all the other learners who completed their Apprenticeships. The journey has had its challenges throughout but everybody persevered and put the effort in to successfully complete. I’d like to congratulate everybody on their individual achievements.”

A special thanks must also go to Kenny Wignall who has continued to drive the project forward with positive energy, particularly during periods when he had a lot to contend with outside of work.”

Simon Walker of URTU went on to say: 

This was a great achievement in a number of ways, a personal achievement for those learners who successfully completed the apprenticeships for which they deserve all of our congratulations. It was also an achievement for Kenny the ULR, without his hard work and dedication this would not have happened.”

It is also shows what can be achieved by the right partnership, in this case involving URTU, Free2Learn and XPO logistics, this demonstrates that when we work together we can achieve for everyone.”

Kenny Wignall, on site Union Learning Representative said: 

I want to congratulate everybody on achieving their individual goals and it has been my honour to support all of my colleagues on their learning journey.”

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everybody involved in the learning project to date especially John Cusworth, who has helped to keep me grounded when things weren’t always going as planned, we have had a few hiccups along the way but we have ridden the waves and have come out the other end as stronger characters.”

I also want to give a special thank you to my management team and especially Graham Jones for negotiating with the customer; Weetabix, and allowing my grandson Hayden to come on site to collect his late father’s Team Leading qualification.”

I know Anthony would have been very proud of how Hayden conducted himself as he was very brave to step up for his dad and collect the award on his behalf. Hayden will be sharing this moment with his sister Isabel when she is old enough to understand as she is only 2 years old.”