Jason is walking tall after taking the National Numeracy Challenge

Jason Ace is a Returns Operative at DHL Argos in Castleford and has always found maths to be daunting, but with the support of his union and the National Numeracy Challenge he is now able to help his kids with homework and feels seven feet tall.

Usdaw member Jason Ace

Jason decided to give the National Numeracy Challenge a go after it was suggested by his Usdaw Union Learning Representative Sean Dixon. Jason wanted to be able to help his kids with homework, and having a go at the Challenge has made a real difference.

Before he took the National Numeracy Challenge Jason found maths a bit daunting.

Jason explained:

I was always in the lowest group at school and left withnothing. I’ve got three kids, and I felt likea let-down because I was struggling to help them with what they were learning. If I went out for a meal I used to just get the cheapest thing on the menu so itdbe easier to work out. Id hang back in social situations and stay quiet, thinkingif nobody sees me, nobody hears me, nobody can question me.  

Has Jason grew older he increasingly realised how important numbers were in daily life, and how he was being restricted in what he could o, he also felt that he needed to improve his confidence. However once he signed up to the Challenge this changed.

Jason said:

Beinghonest, it was easier than I thought it would be. Maths has always been somethingI shied away from, but I found that I was actually pretty good at it, come the end.”

The further I got into it, the easier I found it, because you’re able to log in either at work or at home. If Igota quiet five minutes tomyself Id think “let’s log in, try and work something out that I struggle with at work”. My confidence has grown to a point where I can work things out in my head now. I don’t shy away from situations.”  

For Jason this has made a huge change and he feels more confident in being able to help his kids with whatever they bring home, and though it can still be a challenge Jason finds it a lot easier than it was.   

Jason’s newfound maths skills have made a lot of changes to his life, he is now helping others confront their maths fears, something he would have never considered, he has changed his job role at work to something he is happier with and he is doing other courses.

Jason said:

Having the confidence to teach others how to do something, something that I’d have never been able to think about before is great.  Imsix feet tallbut it makes me feel seven feet being able to help them out.”    

I’ve alwayswanted to do English as well, so Im doing an English course now too.When I go out for ameal I canactually get whatI fancy, and treat myself a bit better! I’ve got that inner-confidence, I’m straight in there, my friends have even mentioned it.”

Jason said he would encourage anyone who is struggling with numbers to go on to the website and try the National Numeracy Challenge.

If you what to try out the National Numeracy Challenge during unionlearns #MathsWorkout Week, or any other time, just click on the link here and give it a go.