Jenny becomes Numeracy Champion to support colleagues

UNISON learning rep Jenny Henry-Jeffries is a healthcare support worker at Portsmouth’s Queen Alexandra Hospital, and has taken on the role of Numeracy Champion to help colleagues overcome their maths anxieties.

UNISON Numeracy Champion Jenny

Jenny herself knows what it is like to struggle with maths as an adult learner. Jenny says:

When I was doing my functional skills maths, there was no one in my department who was able to help me and the tutors at my first college weren’t that supportive.”

After switching to a more supportive college, Jenny passed her maths exam with 83 per cent, and decided to become a Numeracy Champion to encourage more co-workers to follow in her footsteps.

Becoming a Union Learning Representative (ULR) with UNISON helped Jenny realise how crucial it was to be able to help people in the hospital to get on to that ladder where they can go from Level 1 to Level 2 in their maths.

Jenny said:

With that result giving me the confidence, I was happy to jump into the role where I could help signpost people and support them because if you can tell people how you managed to overcome your fear, you might truly be able to help them.”

Oreleo Du Cran is a National Learning & Development Organiser with UNISON and praised the work that Jenny has been doing to support colleagues.

Oreleo said:

Raising the profile of numeracy in the workplace is a serious challenge for most ULRs but Jenny has been extremely proactive and has even promoted learning maths at the Corporate Induction meetings set up by the employer.”

Jenny has helped to remove the stigma around not being very good at maths to one of I want to try to improve my maths. Being a Numeracy Champion has increased her own confidence and UNISON has benefited the partnership with National Numeracy and the Health Education England.”

To find out more about National Numeracy and how to become a Numeracy Champion go to the website.