Learn with Aegis hosts event to inspire ULR’s

Earlier this year, Learn with Aegis, with the support of the Union Learning Fund, hosted a ULR Day event at the Computershare offices in Skipton.


Learn with Aegis ULR Day

The purpose of the event, held over two days on the 25th and 26th February, was to support Unionlearn Representatives (ULRs) in understanding their role and the wider context of Unionlearn, and applying their knowledge in order to support learners in their workplace and community.

The event also focused on identifying available online resources and creating a network of support with one another, and Learn with Aegis ULRs of Computershare, Skipton Building Society, Yorkshire Building Society and Aegon attended.

The event was organised by Learn with Aegis Project Worker Colette Bracewell with sessions on Non-Directive Coaching, an overview of free online learning which included the digital and Value My Skills tool, delivered by unionlearn Projects Officer Matt Pointon, an update on the way unions can support Apprenticeships from Unionlearn’s Mark Rowe. Colette was joined by fellow Project Worker Tracy Gaukroger to deliver an icebreaker and a bespoke session, tailored for the Learn with Aegis ULRs.

The event was a resounding success – with 100% of attendees feeling the event was either ‘very’ or ‘extremely’ useful.

Feedback from one attendee said:

It was very engaging and insightful and great to have a few different people presenting information.”

Whilst another commented that:

Working with other reps at the event was so useful. Working through the workbooks was also really useful as now I have something to refer back to – it was very informative and showed us how to support somebody as a ULR.”

Colette said:

The ULR Day was a great opportunity to use some of my skills in my new role, having only been in the project for 5 months at the time of the event. It was, thanks to everybody involved, a huge success.”

“As a project, it has been pleasing to see, since the event took place, further engagement from our ULRs in supporting both their workplace and communities.”

Whilst the ULR Day was a pilot, the project plans to do more of the same later this year. However, due to the current climate, they are also exploring ways to run the event remotely – through the development of e-learning and use of conferencing and webinar platforms.

If you are looking for ideas to inspire workplace learning have a look at the new “Promoting union learning” handbook.