Learn with Unite helps Malcolm develop IT skills

Learn with Unite has been promoting its online learning resources to its Community branches across the country. Malcolm Tipper lives in Devon and wanted to develop the skills he needs to be a branch officer.

Malcolm Tipper goes online

Malcolm is Branch Secretary for the Unite the Union South Devon Community Branch covering South Devon from Exeter to Plymouth and lives in Teignmouth.

Malcolm was aware of the Learn with Unite project and had copies of their course brochure but it wasn’t until Tazim Ladhu did a presentation at a Community forum meeting that he thought he could benefit from some of the courses available. 

Malcolm decided to dip his toe in the water with a few short courses and see how things developed as he explains:

I thought I would start with Litmos heroes mainly because they could be as short as a minute. I tried the Networking module from one of hundreds of the Litmos hero courses. After that I tried a longer 1-hour course from the Learn My Way series on Office Programmes.”

He found Litmos heroes courses a great way to find out about a subject or refresh knowledge, particularly for people, like himself, who it’s been a while since doing any learning. Malcolm found that once he logged in and set up an account the sites were very easy to navigate and in particular he felt that the Learn my Way offer was an opportunity to learn a new skill and he wanted to learn how to do an effective ICT based presentation. 

Malcolm is planning to use his new skills for his union work and said,

I hope to be able to use my presentation skills learning in my role as Branch Secretary.”

During the current lockdown is an ideal time to improve my general IT skills as I am of an age where I wasn’t formally taught IT and have probably self-taught myself some bad techniques.”

The great thing about these courses are you can stop and start to suit your commitments so at the moment I have started “More Internet Skills” which I will return to.”

This is just the start for Malcolm when it comes to online learning with Unite and he has quite a list of courses in mind to help him improve his skills and support his branch members.

Malcolm said:

Top of my list because I have minutes and reports to produce is “Keyboard Pro”. “Agenda setting” is another course I want to look at as although I can do this I might learn new approaches that I haven’t considered before.”

Following those I thought “Being Assertive The Right Way” sounds interesting and would be very useful for anybody negotiating with Employers. I think lifelong learning is essential to keep up date and keep your brain working.”

Malcolm praised the support he received from Tazim who presented to his Branch and has offered to provide individual support to Branch members, and he would encourage others to contact their union learning rep or regional learning officer.

Malcolm added that signing up was really straightforward and explained:

There will definitely be something that will be of interest and certainly the opportunity to learn a new skill. The Learn with Unite website keeps a record of your learning and will offer you a certificate for courses you complete, very useful to keep and take to interviews.”

Once you start the boost to your confidence will be enormous and encourage you to move to the next level and gain accreditation.

For more details visit the Learn with Unite website.