Michelle gets her Maths figured out thanks to POA Learning

The POA Learning team at HMP Dartmoor have supported many learners through their Functional Skills. Michelle Howard is one learner who has taken advantage of the level 2 offering after she had first undertaken Functional Skills sessions at level one at her local Primary School in Princetown, Devon.

Michelle Howard gets to grips with Maths thanks to POA Learning
Maths learner Michelle Howard with tutor Simon Longstaff

The schools head teacher had put on the classes for the parents of the local children, so that parents could themselves assist their own children with their English and Maths learning.

Michelle decided to progress to the level 2 in Functional Skills Maths through the agreement POA Learning has with Learn Devon. She attends the POA Learning Centre at HMP Dartmoor each Thursday morning as part of a small group of learners and is thoroughly enjoying the learning experience with both POA Learning and Learn Devon.

Michelle is full of praise for the course:

The course is very interesting, and the homework set by Learn Devon tutor, Simon, is very interesting. I wanted to better myself and to be able to assist my own children with their homework.”

Simon Longstaff from Learn Devon continued that:

It’s a small group, so the learner gets a more personal learning experience, Maths can be a dry subject but the group of learners are all motivated and doing well. The group use a BKSB online functional skills maths tool which helps them with their homework.”

Delighted with the success of the courses, POA Learning Centre Manager Andy Harding said: “The functional skills course being run from the POA Learning Centre at HMP Dartmoor will boost the self-esteem of the learners, offer potential career progression as well as improve their ongoing mental well-being and resilience.”

POA Learning continue to offer support for the Functional Skills Level 2 courses across the country and this example shows how learners can improve on their own skills and knowledge helping them achieve their own aspirations.