NARS course helps Jade mentor colleagues

Jade Ransley works at a Suffolk stables based in Newmarket and has recently completed a course in mentoring run by the National Association of Racing Staff (NARS) which is helping her support fellow stable staff. 

Jade receiving award

Jade was in the first cohort of learners to study the unions Level 2 Mentoring, Leadership and Team Skills course, and received her certificate this November.

NARS was keen to run a course in Mentoring, to give staff skills to better mentor others, or in some cases to give them a qualification for something they already do.

Kevin Parson’s is the Union Learn Project Manager at NARS and explained:

The idea was to have trained Mentors in many yards across the country to hopefully help with the retention of staff. This proposal was put to Jenningsbet and they confirmed sponsorship in a deal for the next five years.”

September 2018 saw the first cohort of staff begin their journey on the twelve-week course, that was taught and overseen by West Suffolk College. The course was designed, and modules carefully selected by NARS, in order to make it as relevant and beneficial as possible to staff in the industry.

Jade, who works for Sir Michael Stoute, explains how she had joined the industry, developed her own skills and was keen to progress

Jade said:

I was mentored by our head girl Sarah Denniff, shadowing her and learning about the role of a head person, she mentioned to me about this course and thinking about it I decided to sign up.”

Having completed the course Jade was then promoted to a senior role and not long after was putting her Mentoring skills learned to good use.

Jade explained:

We had a girl join us in January, one of the worst times to join a flat yard, the horses were fresh, she kept falling off and her confidence was at rock bottom.”

I began Mentoring her, using the skills I had learned, took her out with other staff to get to know everyone and from her contemplating leaving the industry we worked through this time together. She is now riding work and involved in all aspects of the job, but more importantly has stayed in the industry and loving the job.”

Jade is really pleased with the course and how is supported her.  At an awards ceremony at the Racing Centre in Newmarket for racing staff who had completed the twelve-week course Jade addressed colleagues saying:

The course was superb it has built my own confidence up no end. The fact that I am even up here speaking in front of you all is proof. Before the course I never would have done this.”

The NARS is now recruiting a cohort of learners for the next course it will be running – this time in Lambourn.